Simple Motivation

Some days there are a million excuses or reasons we could give to skip a workout, cut it short, or take it easier than planned. Here are my top 6 mind tricks/sayings/etc to get past that and find the motivation for the exercise session I had planned:

Start of the Pilot Hill 25K last summer. I’m somewhere in the crowd.


6. If Oprah and Jared from Subway can run a marathon, surely I can handle the 8 mile run I planned out, squat a few more reps, etc. (Useful for both before and during workouts)

5. “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to realize they have a second” – This was a quote hanging up on the mirror in the College of the Holy Cross’ athletic department when I worked out there one summer. It is a saying that has stuck with me ever since. (Great for encouraging me to push on through a workout)

4. Race results – or lack there of – can be found on the internet with ease…and who wants to be called out by a co-worker, family member, friend, etc. for doing poorly or worse yet, backing out of a race due to lack of training?…Not me!

3. The post workout high. Does anything really beat that? Remembering that feeling makes me more motivated to get out there!

2. “If I can get through _________, I can get through this”. Something you have done before in life has been harder than whatever workout is troubling you. Use it to tell yourself that you are stronger (both mentally and physically) than you think. (A favorite of mine is “I got through Coach Crowe’s workouts in college, I can get through this”. Coach Crowe was my soccer team’s Strength and Conditioning coach at UW and she pushed us!).

1. The more calories I burn, the more food I need to eat. It’s no suprise to those who know me well that I love to eat…and the more exercise I do, the more fuel my body needs. What a great trade off!

If you had to pick your top ways to stay motivated for a workout, what would they be?




4 thoughts on “Simple Motivation

  1. Sean says:

    I am a big fan of the motto “The only easy day was yesterday”, which is from the US Navy SEALs/BUDs training program.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “if I can make it through the Ranger Indictrination Program and Ranger School during the winter then todays workout is going to be a breeze!”

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