Pedometer Recap

The week of tracking steps with my pedometer is over. The rules I gave myself were at least 8,000 steps a day and that I would take it off before any planned exercise – running, going to the gym to lift, and biking. Here is how the week turned out and what I had to do in order to hit 8,000 steps each day.

Monday = 8,248 steps

  1. Took Abbey (my roommates dog) out for a walk and frisbee throwing session – around 2,000 steps
  2. While waiting for a prescription to be filled I walked around Houston – bumped me up to about 5,000 steps
  3. After running I forgot to put it back on for a while – but general movement around the house got me above 8,000 steps


Teaching Abbey to play soccer


Tuesday = 10,881 steps

  1. Packing my bags for my trip to Boston in the morning started me off with around 1,400 steps.
  2. Walking around the airport before my first flight increased the step total to 3,500. Then I sat on a plane to Philadelphia.
  3. My flight from Philly to Boston was delayed an hour, so walking around the airport put me over 8,000. Good thing I took advantage of that because after boarding the plane sat on the runway for about 90 minutes before we were given the okay to take off!
  4. Heading out to the car and walking around my parent’s house before bed got my step total above 10,000 for the day.
    TSA Approved Travel Food



Wednesday = 8,632 steps

  1. I forgot to put the pedometer on until around 10 am – oops! – and again forgot to put it on when I returned from my run around the lake!
  2. Taking pictures with my cousins (shh, it is a surprise for my grandparents) and walking my parents dog, Bella, at night got the pedometer to read above 8,000!
    Cousins: Me, Tasia, Jess, Talia, Melissa, Josh

Thursday = 8,663 steps 

  1. Morning walk with Bella – around 2,000 steps.
  2. Out to lunch with my grandmother and two more walks with Bella – 8,663 steps.
  3. I took it off before going to the gym late at night and forgot to put it back on when I got home.

Friday = 11,634 steps

  1. Rain cancelled my plans to swim and lay out with my sister on the dock this morning, so instead we cleared out old books, clothes, etc we had left at our parents’ house years ago. This resulted in about 4,000 steps.
  2. My sister and I took her two dogs (Charlie and Burghley) as well as Bella for a walk.
  3. My father and I took Bella for a night-time walk to get up over 10,000 for the day. 

Looking back – apparently my steps were mainly gotten through walking dogs! Note to self, buy a dog of my own at some point. Do any of you wear a pedometer? If so, aside from your planned workouts, what efforts do you make to increase your steps each day?



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