Grilled Veggies and Hummus

I don’t know about you, but I get insanely frustrated by a lot of recipes. They claim to be “simple and fast”, but then there are more than 10 ingredients, more than 5 steps, and take more than 20 minutes. In my world, I just don’t have time for that. So here is an example of a SERIOUSLY quick, easy, and healthy recipe.


  • Whatever vegetables you have
  •  Hummus, any variety. I used roasted pine nut here.

I had zucchini and squash that needed to be used and thanks to a Buy One, Get One Free sale on Sabra, plenty of hummus.


  • Slice vegetables
  • Place on grill for about 5 minutes, turn once if desired. I used my George Foreman since I don’t own a real grill.
  • Plate up with some hummus, and enjoy!

I actually had a large serving of this for dinner the other night because by the time I got home I was only moderately hungry, and I had not eaten enough vegetables in the day! However, this would more appropriately be a side dish or a snack in most cases. Feel free to season or marinate vegetables if desired as well.

 What quick dishes are you putting together to kick off the week?


7 thoughts on “Grilled Veggies and Hummus

  1. Lucia says:

    mmmm hummus 🙂

    Have you ever made your own hummus? I have and its actually really fast, easy, and delicious too !

    • Tanya says:

      It has been a long time since I have made hummus since I do not currently have a food processor, but you’re right, it is fast and easy! The best part though, is making any flavor/variation you want! Once I even made a non-traditional black-bean hummus when I didn’t have chickpeas on hand. It was pretty good actually. What kind do you usually make?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lucia says:

    mmm that sounds awesome, I need to try that !

    I don’t really go by any recipe but I make mine with chickpeas, a little olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and lemon or lime juice…doesn’t take much but its good 🙂

    • Tanya says:

      I think it makes it feel more meal-time appropriate when they are grilled! And plus, it is summer now so time for grilling as much as possible! 🙂 Although your grilled veggies are more legit since you have a real grill!!

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