A Day on the Farm: An Unconventional Workout

Growing up I was a horse-crazy little girl and spent hours at the barn riding and taking care of the horses. As a result of all the barn work I was probably one of the strongest 10 year olds in the world. However, as I got older I stopped riding in order to focus on soccer. Luckily for me, my sister Jessica, has made a career in the horse industry. She is professionally certified event trainer. What that means is she trains horses and riders for the equestrian sport of eventing. The eventing discipline is referred to as the triathlon for horse and rider combinations. To learn about eventing visit this site. Therefore, whenever I come back to New England for a visit, I can re-live my horseback riding days vicariously through her.

Jessica competing in the 3rd phase of eventing, Stadium Jumping

Earlier this week, I spent a day at the stable with my sister doing barn chores and riding. This negated the need for a “formal” workout as my whole body is still sore from all of the exercise I got in! From grooming horses, setting up fences, stacking hay bales, cleaning stalls, carrying large water buckets, and of course riding, I was able to target almost every muscle in my body!

Jess and I setting fences for a jump school. No, I was not allowed to try these.

Stacking 30# hay bales. Trust me, after a while this starts to hurt!

Carrying 45# water buckets to the horses' stall.

Cantering in half seat requires most all leg and core muscles.

Cheyenne getting a drink during her post-ride bath. Hydration is important for both humans and horses!

All in all, a very fun day that was also a great workout! What unconventional ways do you get exercise?


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