July is National Park and Recreation Month

This month we are celebrating National Park and Recreation Month. I know it is not exactly nutrition or exercise-related, but in my opinion, the best way to be physically active is outdoors! A public park is any area or portions of areas designed and designated for public recreational use by any Federal, State, or local agency. If you are able to make it to a National Park, that is great…but trips to State Parks nearby or a visit to a local walking and biking trails or parks in your surrounding community are just as effective! (Just google “state or local parks” in whatever state or town you live in.) Visit the National Recreation and Park Association website for more information about Park and Recreation Month and to take the Five in July Park Pledge. There are 5 weekends in July this year. Pledge to get out to a park, trail, playground, natural area, or other public space each weekend this month.

Pausing for a picture during a run in Zion National Park earlier this year.

What parks will you be visiting over the next five weeks? What activities will you take part in while there? Let me know in the comments section and also, be sure to “Like” Dine, Dash, and Deadlift on Facebook and feel free to post your park and recreation activities there as well.


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