Personal Fitness Assessment

How fit are you or your family? Find out by taking this quiz: Family Fit Evaluator. (P.S. – It also works for those of us without families!) After answering questions such as: How often do you (or your family) eat out each week?; Is meal time stressful?; What activities do you engage in with your family?; How much time is spent watching TV, playing video games, etc each day; and more, you will receive a personalized Family Fit Score. Also included in this free assessment is a detailed list of what your current healthy habits are, areas that need improvement, and an action plan to help improve your score! I thought this was a great tool for families (and singles as well) to use. Let me know if you found it effective and worthwhile. Areas that need improvement in my life: Constant snacking; Time spent on the computer; and Feeling tired/cranky or anxious at bedtime! On that note – turning the computer off now!

How did you score? Were the areas needing improvement in your life a suprise? Do you think the action steps suggested by the assessment will help you to improve your score?


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