TRX Suspension Training

My senior season playing college soccer a new piece of exercise equipment was added to our weight room. It was then that I first developed a love/hate relationship with the TRX suspension training system. Doing pushups with these was no joke! Until recently, I had not used this equipment since my days as a collegiete athlete. They are not exactly commonplace in most gyms. However, while back in New England visiting my family earlier this summer, the gym I was working out at (Global Fitness Center) did have them available in their personal training room. Lucky for me, a friend happens to be a personal trainer at this gym, so I was able to sweet talk him in to reintroducing me to some TRX workouts! I enjoyed switching up my workout for the day by using this equipment, and if they were more commonplace in workout facilities I would use them more often. I like the seemingly limitless exercises that can be done and the fact that most require core stabilization in addition to whatever muscles you are primarily targeting. Here are pictures of some of the exercises he put me through! To see all of the pictures, “Like” the Dine, Dash, and Deadlift Facebook Page.

TRX-Supported Squats
Abs – Step 1
Abs – Step 2
Hamstring Curls – Step 1
Hamstring Curls – Step 2

Step 1

Step 2 – Stretch feels good. Getting back up to Step 1 is hard though!

Big thanks to my trainer for the day, Chris Trefry, CSCS who is also certified in both TRX and Crossfit. Bonus to training with Chris is that he majored in Exercise Physiology and minored in Nutrition in college Рand therefore nerdy science talk (something I love) was plentiful! To obtain more information on TRX Suspension Training visit the website, here.

Do you currently or have you ever used the TRX Suspension Training system? What was your experience like? If not, would you ever consider giving it a try?


5 thoughts on “TRX Suspension Training

  1. Jay says:

    Ive used it once or twice, not a big fan, for pushups i just do different variations try to shoot for over 100 in like 3 min. Geoff, Kekoa and I love them! ha ha I do like using the bands for a bench workout every couple of weeks!

  2. Todd says:

    Hey Tanya,

    Todd Anthony here from TRX. Glad you enjoyed the workout. Just to let you know, we have a regular video series called TRX TV where you can get new ideas for your training and more of the scientific thinking behind it. You can see it here:

    Also, we are gaining traction in major gyms across the country and abroad. Some big deals in the works with national chains. Recently we rolled out TRX TEAM training camp in Goodlife which is the 24 Hour Fitness Equivalent in Canada.

    Keep on keeping on.


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