Park Bench Workout

Since Friday I have been on a road trip from Texas to Virginia. The biggest downside to all of this driving? Not getting to the gym to get in a “real” lift. I forgot how difficult travel can be on workout schedules. However, with just a bit of resourcefulness, here is a way to get in strength training exercises with just a park bench, or a bed, dresser, or chair in the hotel room:

Decline Pushups


Or Incline Pushups


1 – Legged Squats




Lunges – Step 1

Lunges - Step 2

 Once I get settled in to my new place this week I will post the rest of the pictures to the Dine, Dash, & Deadlift Facebook Page.

What ways do you keep up with your strength training while traveling? What are your favorite exercises that can be easily done in a hotel room? Do you travel with any exercise equipment such as bands, weights that can be filled with water, yoga mat, etc?

Photo Credits: Justin Grimm



3 thoughts on “Park Bench Workout

  1. Sean says:

    While I currently am terrible at them I am a big fan of handstand pushups as well as pistols. But for an almost all inclusive activity I prefer the burpee.

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