National Parks and Recreation Month Recap

At the start of July I encouraged you all to spend time each weekend at a community, state, or national park or recreation area each weekend in honor of National Parks and Recreation Month. Here is how I spent the past 5 weekends:

July 2-3: 8 mile run along Brays Bayou in Houston on Saturday. Workout at Spotts Park in Houston on Sunday. Plus plenty of frisbee and tug o’ war with a giant dog I was watching at the dog park!

July 8-10: Sand volleyball and relaxing at the outdoor pool at the University of Houston’s Campus Recreation Center on Friday night. A 2 hour run around Houston – hitting up a few different small local parks along the way on Saturday! Sunday, I watched the Women’s World Cup – that sort of counts right?? – and lifted @ Campus Rec.

July 16-17: This weekend was spent traveling – but I did get some runs in around New Orleans and Tennessee! Once arriving in Virginia, a local recreation running/biking trail has been my running path of choice.

Made friends with a horse cop on Bourbon St.

July 23-24: Be jealous – in addition to running along scenic, windy, HILLY, country roads in VA – I also went skiing! That’s right skiing. But not on snow. Rather on this special surface at the Liberty University’s Snowflex!

July 30-31: Started off this weekend with a 14 mile run around my small VA town, then some blueberry picking at a nearby farm! Sunday consisted of hiking up to first a waterfall and then a great lookout point. Sadly my purse (with my camera in it) was stolen this weekend – so cell phone pics of the hike only!



Wild Blackberries! Yumm!


Foggy, but still a great view at the top.


Swinging on a vine. Still a child at heart!

What parks/trails/lakes/etc did you visit this past month? What activities did you participate in while there? If you were not able to get out as much as you would like in July – take advantage of the warmer temperatures the next few months and plan some outings!


4 thoughts on “National Parks and Recreation Month Recap

  1. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian says:

    What a month! Looks like a great time! I need to create something like this for August!
    I didn’t do as much outdoors this month as I would have liked. The temps in Vegas are ridiculous! I’ll be up in Reno soon so hopefully I’ll get in some good exercise!

    • Tanya says:

      It was actually pretty great to keep tabs of how I spent my weekends. It made me more apt to get out and have fun instead of burying myself in those never ending “to-do lists” insteads! Do you head out to Red Rocks much? Although, like you said it is probably too hot now!

  2. Allison Knott, RD says:

    Loving Walden Pond and lakes in New Hampshire for open water swims this month! I am about to compete in my second triathlon and having a requirement to either get on the bike, in the water or hit the pavement/trail running has been a blast this summer.

    • Tanya says:

      I am so jealous! I grew up on a lake in Masssachusetts and always spent a lot of time in NH, especially skiing in the winter and I really miss New England. Good luck on your upcoming triathlon. 🙂

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