Food-Related Pet Peeves

Let’s be honest, we all have pet peeves. Being a Registered Dietitian, it is only natural that some of mine be related to food & beverages. So here they are – brought to my attention after years of living with roommates, traveling with teammates, and eating with friends and family at restaurants, truck stops, bars, and homes around the world.

  1. When the Brita water filter is extremely low or empty in the fridge. Come on people. Take the top off and refill with water before returning it to the fridge. Thanks.
  2. When food prep workers touch my food with their hands or don’t change their gloves before assembling my food. Too many food safety lectures make me cringe with the thoughts of where these strangers’ hands have been.
  3. Iceburg lettuce and croutons. Restaurants everywhere – that is seriously a pathetic excuse for a salad.
  4. When restaurants charge extra for switching to a different side dish. Do you really think $2 for a side salad or “seasonal vegetables” is an appropriate price to charge someone just because they don’t want french fries? Because I don’t think so!
  5. When I get all excited for a 10 for $10 sale on red, orange, or yellow bell peppers listed in the supermarket circular just to discover that they have all basically rotted away and thus the sale price.
  6. When the lemon wedge is dunked inside my water-glass and not perched nicely on the side. I prefer to squeeze the lemon and then NOT put it in my drink. I don’t know if they washed the lemon peel or touched it with their gross hands before putting it in my water. Again, food safety lectures being replayed in my head here.
  7. When people make rude comments about my healthy eating habits. Are you trying to make me change the way I eat so you can feel better about your unhealthy habits? and P.S. – I don’t eat “perfect” or “ultra healthy” by any means.
  8. Food Pushers! Seriously – I will eat what I want, when I want. Stop trying to force feed me – especially food I find repulsive!
  9. The label “All-Natural” on a food package.
  10. When I want veggie fajitas or no meat on my salad – yet still have to pay the full price of the meal with meat at the restaurant. Besides, shouldn’t salads be focused on vegetables anyway? Must there be meat on everything on the menu?

So there is my list! What is on yours? Feel free to make fun of some of mine too – I know I am a bit odd!


8 thoughts on “Food-Related Pet Peeves

  1. Jason says:

    11. I don’t like the fact that most every restaurant caters to meat-eaters and not vegetarians- I went to a restaurant a month ago in Colorado and asked for only a side of red beans and rice with “mixed veggies” and the waiter asked me if I hated America, then brought out cold celery, sliced green & red peppers and cucumbers as my vegetables. No work required on their part, just take them out of the package. Thanks bro.

  2. Sarah says:

    UGH, so true. I just got a little worked up reading this! #s 1,2,7&8 really get my blood boiling.

    Another – when people ask me what they should or shouldn’t eat when they hear I’m studying nutrition. Or, better yet, what foods are good and bad. First, when I’m at a party I don’t want to talk about nutrition and second, I’m not going to tell you that your habit of 5 diet cokes a day is acceptable so stop fishing.

  3. Allison @ PickyEatingRD says:

    I hate the rude comments about the way I eat. As a super picky eater I get comments all the time about my food choices. Also, when I eat something “unhealthy” people always have to say something like “oh wow a dietitian is eating that?!?!”. Leave me alone I like cake too!!

    • Tanya says:

      Pretty sure that is probably what happens. After working in a restaurant and bartending, that fast-paced environment doesn’t often allow for following all food safety rules!

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