Medicine Ball Madness – Move #2

In case you missed it yesterday, this week I am sharing a medicine ball workout. I feel like I predominantly see people using medicine balls for abdominal exercises, but not much else. Therefore, I wanted to share some non ab-focused medicine ball exercises! Yesterday’s exercise was Squat to Shoulder Press and today is…

Uneven Push-ups:

Start in a normal push-up position, but place one hand on top of the medicine ball instead of the ground.

Perform the normal push-up motion, keeping your hips in line with the rest of your body.

Front View
Side View

Number of reps and sets is up to you. Usually I will do 10 reps per arm and repeat for a total of 2-3 reps! You can also do modified push-ups where you drop to your knees if you prefer.

What is the rationale for doing Uneven Push-ups? I’m so glad you asked!  As a more advanced variation of the standard push-up, these uneven ones produce a higher range of motion in the shoulder. By doing this, it also increases the intensity of the overall movement. Specifically, the work required of the following muscles is increased: pectoralis major (and minor), anterior deltiod, and serratus anterior. I know, I just made you think back to Anatomy class – my apologies! (Also, I know Wikipedia is not a legit source – but I linked to those sites in order to show the pictures of where the muscles are in case you didn’t know!) Finally, the instability of the medicine ball can also allow for the activation of more stabilizers. To further up the intensity try using 2 medicine balls (one under each hand).

Have a GREAT Tuesday and tomorrow I will have another Medicine Ball Move for you!

Have you ever performed uneven pushups before? How about other pushup variations, such as triangle, single-arm, or box pushups?

P.S. – I have a surprise for you all later this week, so be sure to check back before the weekend arrives!

P.P.S. – Today is Colin James Tuttle’s Birthday…aka-the amazing graphic designer/website guru that helped me get single-handedly got this site up and running and created my super cool NutritionNerd icon for Twitter! Happy Birthday Colin! You can wish him a Happy Birthday on his Twitter account ( @_stuff_n_stuff), and tell him how awesome his work is!


3 thoughts on “Medicine Ball Madness – Move #2

  1. ab says:

    hey can you tell me if i made uneven push-ups with right hand on that ball and left on floor then actually which side of serratus will get stressed is it left hand side?

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Ab,

      Good question. Since the movement is a push-up, both left and right serratus will be stressed. However, I believe the right side will be stressed more because it is going through a larger range of motion compared to the left. Hope that helps.


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