Announcing Eat.Think.Smile Winners

Since I posted the Eat.Think.Smile Review I took the company’s suggestion and tried the Crispy Thins in a salad. I used the Sweet Cinnamon as a “crouton” of sorts, and while I appreciated the crunch and the initial Cinnamon flavor, I did not like the chocolate flavor that followed. I just don’t think that chocolate and salads go together that well I guess! Anyways, moving on to announcing the winners (using…yup, winnerS as in plural…all FOUR of them…

1) Elizabeth Jarrad

2) Jodie Greenawalt

3) Jessica Oswald

4) Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

Send me an e-mail with your delivery address to and your Eat.Think.Smile goodies will be on their way!

For all of you who were not so lucky this time….guess what my post today over on the iRunnerBlog is??? YUP, another Eat.Think.Smile giveaway, so head over there if you want to enter again! 🙂

Enjoy the weekend and I hope you will check back in with me on Monday!


4 thoughts on “Announcing Eat.Think.Smile Winners

    • Ray says:

      oooh Ali, you should do smnhteiog in the area that is brewing so talented!And, also working out hard, you’re going to be building lean muscle & your body will change and not see it on the scale (muscle weighs more than fat). I went through that. I think it just means that you’re to that point of total physiological’re doing awesome!!! So excited for you. You go girl.

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