December is Read a New Book Month

December. A month filled with shopping, festivities, gift giving, eating….and Reading? Yup, December also happens to be “Read a New Book Month” so allow me to diverge from nutrition an exercise posts for the day! (Besides – Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body!!). I LOVED reading for fun growing up, but with my current schedule and obligations I do not allow myself to crack open a book other than a text-book. However, I am planning on buying a few “for fun” books to read while traveling this holiday season and I hope each of you take the time to read something enjoyable as well! Here is what I am hoping to read this month:

White Planet: A Mad Dash Through Modern Global Ski Culture by Leslie Anthony

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan

Love Story by Erich Segal *Note – I read this book years ago. If you remember the Mandy Moore Movie “A Walk to Remember”, this book is similar, but was written way before A Walk to Remember. Also, it takes place in Massachusetts – aka Bonus points for it!

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

What book(s) do you plan to read this month? Any suggestions for me? (I don’t like the following: scary, magical/non real (aka Harry Potter / vampire books), or too much history)!


9 thoughts on “December is Read a New Book Month

  1. EA Stewart says:

    Fun post! I’ve been wanting some new books to read, so I love hearing your suggestions! The Ski book sound fun, especially since my family and I are headed to Vail this weekend, and plan to do a lot more skiing this season :-). Some good books (Just thinking about what pops to my midnd!)..Sarah’s Key, The Help, Devil in the White City…Happy Reading!!

  2. Ali says:

    I’ve heard the Hunger Games series is really good. It on my list to read still. I did read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, takes a little bit to get into, but also very good.

  3. Allison @ PickyEatingRD says:

    In Defense of Food… Read it! It is a pretty quick read (well at least it was for me) but excellent. The only thing I find sad is that Michael Pollen, uber popular and is quoted EVERYWHERE when it comes to nutrition etc. is not a RD. I just wish he was since he is a go-to for many when it comes to food and nutrition.

    • Tanya says:

      I agree with you. Let’s find a way to get him in to a quick Internship and get that RD credential! I have read Omnivore’s Dilemna from him, and am looking forward to In Defense of Food.

    • Gonzalo says:

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