Gym-Related Pet Peeves

In September I wrote a post about my Food-Related Pet Peeves (click on the link in case you missed it). Since then I have realized that I also have a few gym-related pet peeves as well. Here they are:

  1. Groups of people walking in a line across the indoor track at the gym. I am trying to run and you should stick to the designated walking lanes – not take up all 4 so you can talk.
  2. Nakedness in the locker rooms. In fact, I specifically try to avoid locker rooms at gyms and just shower later back at home because people wandering around without clothes on too much for me!
  3. Men playing the “who can out talk who” game as opposed to just letting their strength talk for them. Stop talking. You are not impressing anyone. Start lifting. Thanks.
  4. Unorganized dumbbells. Finding a matching set should not be a scavenger hunt.
  5. Ellipticals and Recumbent Bikes. I’m sorry, but I hate them. The only way in which I find their use is acceptable is when my schedule is EXTRA tight and I need to cram for an exam or grade papers and this is my only shot at being productive and getting a quasi workout in.
  6. Hearing women/girls utter the phrase “I don’t want to get big” in response to why they only lift super light weights or don’t lift at all. Lifting does not make you “big”. It makes you stronger, leaner, and healthier.
  7. Trainers and other gym personnel who act like know it alls and try to sell people unnecessary supplements.
  8. People who cheat. By this I mean individuals who do not perform lifts correctly and therefore are not maximizing their potential. Examples of such behavior: 1) Swinging dumbbells and the upper body in order to do bicep curls. Drop down the amount of  weight you are using – even if it damages your ego – and do it properly. 2) Not fully straightening arms while doing pull-ups. It is not impressive that you did a whole bunch of 1/4 reps where your arms were not even close to straight. Doing less reps, but doing full reps is more beneficial AND impressive!

What gym-related pet peeves do you have? (And again, feel free to laugh at or voice that you disagree with some of mine!)


10 thoughts on “Gym-Related Pet Peeves

  1. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian says:

    These are some great ones! I agree on the nakedness..or I see a lot of women put a towel right BELOW their boobs. Does it take that much to pull it up just a bit!?!
    I don’t like hearing grunters..I know sometimes people can’t help it, but it’s so annoying. Maybe you shouldn’t be lifting so much.

  2. Sean says:

    Those are some good ones. In addition:
    1. Gyms that do not allow certain lifts (cleans, etc)
    2. Cheating in the squat!! (also bench, bent over row, dips)
    3. People who take more time resting than lifting
    4. People who ask to work in with you then proceed to take forever to complete their set. Thanks for screwing up my rhythm ! (or who take all your weights off to do something completely different)
    5. Guys who talk about workouts they got from Muscle and Fiction. Pick up a real book and learn something!
    6. The constant need to express how much they can bench press, but can’t do a pull-up or squat/deadlift at all.

    I have more but they are mostly geared towards lazy athletes and egos.

  3. Feerlessfood says:

    #1- texting (or Tweeting!) from your phone AT ANY POINT during the workout. Leave it in the car or locker. The gym is to workout, not update Twitter or Facebook with, “oh my gosh, I’m working so hard in spin right now!” …If you can Tweet that, you’re not working hard!

  4. EA Stewart says:

    Since my husband and I canceled our gym membership last year and converted our garage in to a gym, I can’t really complain about anything.. (And, for the record, my husband does not walk around naked :-). But, when I did have a gym membership, I would have to especially agree with you on points 2,4, and 7!

  5. teri @ managed macros says:

    I’m a girl and I WANT TO GET BIG!!!
    I read the food pet peave list too..hilarious!!!’s a couple of mine:
    Guys who wear stocking caps in the gym
    Guys who wear under armor…not UNDER anything. Gross.
    Have you ever seen that person who carries around a gym towel in their teeth? Maybe its an IA thing,…I don’t get it.
    Talkers not workers, I think this is more common with men than women!
    LOL…nakedness. Isn’t it funny? I think the older generation is the ones who really like to bare it all!
    Agree with Swanky…grunters. Please. stop.
    It feels good to vent…thanks for the fun post, I’m not really a male basher!

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