Holiday Gifts for Dietitians

Time is running out! Hurry up and pick up one of these great presents for the Dietitian in your life this holiday season!

  1. Dietitian Canvas Tote – I would love to use this as my grocery shopping bag…especially at the local Farmer’s Market. Sustainable + Practical + Personal!
  2. RD Tree Ornament – I have never seen RD ornaments…but now I want one.
  3. Eatin’ Veggies T-Shirt – What RD wouldn’t like this T?
  4. Veggies Business Card Holder – A stylish and relevant way for your RD to carry their cards.
  5. Vitamin D Long-Sleeve Shirt – “This shirt is affecting my vitamin D production”. Just a little Nutrition Humor!
  6. Nutrition Nerd Button – I need one of these! After all, my twitter handle is NutritionNerd!
  7. Nutritionist Way Road Sign – What better way to show where the Dietitian’s office is?

There you have it.  Some gifts for the Dietitian in your life this holiday season! Also be sure to check out my Nutrition-Themed Gifts for Runners list and Winter Running Attire Guide for other last-minute gift ideas.

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

Do you have a special RD in your life to shop for? If so, what did you get for them?

Dietitians, what is the best “RD-themed” gift you have ever received?


7 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts for Dietitians

  1. teri @ managed macros says:

    Great ideas!!!! I do not think I have any RD themed gifts!!! I have some canvas totes free from Iowa Dietetic Association, does that count?? 🙂
    I have seen some cute little animated stuffed fruits and veggies that are super cute! I ‘collect’ nutrition memorabilia that is plastered over my little cubby…
    Cute post!

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