12 in 2012

My favorite number has always been 12, and thus I have a good feeling about this year! I have decided to make a list of 12 things I want to accomplish this year – something I have never officially done before. In order to keep me on task and focused on this mission, I have created a page here on the blog ( 12 Things in 2012 ) where they will be housed – and checked off – before the curtain falls on 2012. So here is my list. Some are serious. Some are silly. All (and more) will be accomplished in the next 52 weeks!

  1. Run 6 trail races.
  2. Submit an NIH (or similar) grant proposal.
  3. Run my first marathon.
  4. Ski 30 days. I know, this does not sound like a lot to all of you ski bums out there, but it is hard to get in a lot of days while working on my PhD and not living close to any mountains!
  5. Go on 12 hikes.
  6. Start and FINISH one of those DIY teeth whitening boxes.
  7. Make a trip back to Wyoming/Colorado. (Lived in WY for 5 years. Miss the Rockies very much)!
  8. Get together with my college friends. We all currently live all over the country, so getting us all together at once = challenging!
  9. Cut my peanut butter consumption down to 2 jars a month, as it is currently at 4 jars/month! Maybe I should buy all 24 jars at once, and when they are gone, so is my PB intake for the year!
  10.  Make a list of all of my commitments, obligations, etc and the prioritize them and remove some. I have way too much going on and I always do it all at the expense of my workouts, sleep, household chores, and fun. I really wanted to make a goal related to allowing myself to have fun and relax as well as to make workouts a priority, but the truth is, until I remove some of my deadline laden extracurriculars, committee work, volunteer work, etc there is no chance of fulfilling the other two.
  11. Make my own sushi. I have only done it once before and it NEEDS to happen again!
  12. Visit 2 National Parks that I have not yet been to. On my bucket list is to visit ALL of them…so need to start chipping away at the list!

Now if you’ll excuse me – I am off to work on Item #4 😉

Steamboat Springs - 2010

What is on your list for 2012? Which National Parks do you recommend?


9 thoughts on “12 in 2012

  1. Jess says:

    I love your inspiring blog, Tanya! I plan on going to Glacier National Park in Montana this year. I’ll let you know how it is. 🙂

  2. teri @ managed macros says:

    I LOVE your goals…we have TONS in common! I posted my 12 today also! I love the PB goal…I LOVE peanut butter, it is my FAV food! Visiting the National Parks are a goal of mine…they are the BEST vacations. The Badlands was one of my favorite get away’s. Happy New Year to YOU!!!

  3. EA-The Spicy RD says:

    I’d love to join you in the ski for 30 days, but I’ll be lucky if I get in 10 days…And, I’d love to visit some National Parks too! I’ve been to Yosemite-love it-and want to take my kids back there so hopefully we will go this summer. Since you are in to hiking, the trek to the top of Half Dome is well worth it! Also recommend the Havasupi Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. Oh..so many more places to go! Happy New Year, and good luck meeting all your goals 🙂

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