February 12 in 2012 Recap

Well February certainly flew by and it is time to check in again to see what progress I have made on my 12 in 2012 “To Do List”. (Check out January’s recap here if you missed it).

#4. Ski 30 days. Snow has been scarce and the time to head out skiing has been even harder to come by. I was only able to get in 3 days skiing at Snowshoe Mountain in WV this month, which brings my 2012 total to date to a measly 12. This is certainly the worst ski year I have ever had 😦 . I need to get some days in during March so that I have enough time in Nov/Dec to get up to the 30 day mark!!

#7 Make a Trip Back to Wyoming or Colorado AND #8 – Get together with my college friends have BOTH been checked off this past month. I am hoping to make another trip back to WY/CO at some point this year to ski or hike, but it may not be in the cards, so I was super excited that one of my friends decided to hold her Bachelorette Party in Denver, CO – especially since she doesn’t even live there and had to fly in for it herself! It was a great weekend full of friends, fun, and a hint of the winter weather (i.e.- SNOW) that has alluded me so far this year.

Heading out in Denver – in a stretch Hummer limo

Dresses and Winter Jackets


#9 Cut My Peanut Butter Consumption Down to 2 Jars a Month: I’m still going strong at this one, sticking to my 2 jar limit!

#10 Make a list of all of my commitments, obligations, etc and prioritize them and remove some: While I have not “officially” done this yet, I have been working on it. As you may have noticed I have cut back on my blogging here at Dine, Dash, and Deadlift to less than twice a week and I have scaled back my role as a contributing blogger over at the iRunnerBlog to once per month instead of twice. As much as I love blogging, in the grand scheme of things it is much more important that I first devote my energy towards school work, teaching, research, professional service activities, and working out.

So there you have it. With 2 items checked off the list and several others “in progress” at the end of February, I feel like I am making sufficient progress on my 2012 To-Do List. Cheers to keeping the ball rolling in to March!

How are your goals/resolutions for the year coming along? How many commitments, obligations, etc do you allow yourself to have at a time? How do you prioritize them?


15 thoughts on “February 12 in 2012 Recap

    • Tanya says:

      Thank you! I am constantly amazed at how my friends are all so gorgeous, yet also such kind-hearted, intelligent, talented, and down-to-earth people. I am blessed to have them in my life!

  1. Sarah says:

    I love to ski, it’s a shame you haven’t been able to recently. Great idea with prioritizing commitments, it’s so easy to take on too much and then feel the pressure to do even more!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great! I was wondering how you were doing with the peanut butter addiction. How big are these jars of peanut butter you consume??? I never eat peanut butter and yet you eat 2 to 4 jars a month. Amazing!

  3. teri@managedmacros says:

    Look how pretty you are!!!
    I love how you are still tallying your NYEve goal. I think I will copy you and do that for my next Tuesday with Teri! 🙂
    LOL…2 jars of PB/Month…we would get a long just fine!!
    Prioritize…yes! I just went ‘unplugged’ for a week to prioritize this side of the computer..I get it, its important…
    Great post…loving your commitment and motivation!

    • Akshay says:

      I’m not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the clsseot location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You’re right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

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