March is National Nutrition Month

This month we are celebrating National Nutrition Month with the theme “Get Your Plate in Shape”. In all honesty, this is probably my favorite National Nutrition Month theme EVER since it incorporates eating right and exercising in to one great slogan and image. Seriously, how cool is this graphic?

That is one strong plate, huh? To get my plate up to ‘snuff this month I am going to focus on planning out meals in advance so that I try out some new produce, new flavors and get out of my BORING snacky-mcsnackersten all day long rut. I really have been on a big snack throughout the day kick, which is fine I guess since I’m noming on good food, but I do miss the structure of sitting down for a complete meal.

What will YOU be doing to get your plate in shape this month?


4 thoughts on “March is National Nutrition Month

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m going to try and branch out, make some new recipes, and mix up the veggies that I’m using. I had broccoli today that I haven’t had in a while but love, so that’s all good!

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