March 12 in 2012 Recap

3 months in to the year and time for my 3rd check-in on my 2012 “To Do List”! (Check out my January and February recaps if you missed them.) Nothing was fully crossed of this month, but I did make some progress towards a few of those items!

#1 – Run 6 trail races: The point of resolving to participate in 6 trail races this years was so that I would run trails more often in preparation. However, I have not been running much this year (and did not go out for any trail runs prior to my 1st race), opting instead to spend most of my time lifting in the weight room. So then before I knew it, March 3rd and my 1st trail race, a 10K along the Blue Ridge Parkway, suddenly appeared. Oh well, here goes nothing is the attitude I had.

Hanging out pre-race

Due to heavy rainfall the days leading up to the race the trails were a muddy mess. Any hill was slick and can best be described as attempting to run up or down a Slip N’ Slide! It was certainly an adventure. I went out feeling strong and ran an 8:05 pace for the first 2 miles. From there a few massive hills and the slippery course {ahem… my lack of training} had my pace drop significantly, finishing in 57 minutes. Much slower than a typical 10K pace, but then again trails make you slow down a bit anyway. After the race I nommed on some great food and stuck around for the awards, hoping to win a door raffle prize. I was SHOCKED when my name was called as the winner of my age group.

Top 2 Age Group Finishers

It was really exciting to win a real medal at an event instead of just getting a finsher award – but I know it has more to do with the small race # and who decided to show up to the event than it is a reflection of my speed (aka – lack there of). Following this race all I could think was, I wonder what kind of pace I could sustain on trails if I actually train. So you would think I would have gotten my act together and gone out for some more runs and more trail runs prior to my 2nd trail race of the year….Ehh…not so much. The trip to get this adorable puppy + lots of work needing to get done hindered the “training”. So with 1 hill workout, a 30 minute and 46 minute jog on pavement, and a 3.5ish run through the woods, it was time for the 2nd trail race of the year: A 10 miler. Oh dear… goes nothing!

Once again, rain decided to come pouring down before the race, so I figured we were in for a muddy one again! Luckily the trails were in pretty good shape and only last the last mile was a muddy mess. I decided to take this one slower at the start so that I wouldn’t run myself in to the ground since this would be longest run I would go on since the Hot Chocolate 15K in December. Ran at a 9ish mile pace for 1st 4 miles and then a 10ish mile pace for the last 6, bringing me to the finish line in 1:36 and change.

Coming in to the finish line

Once again, I had a fantastic time hanging out and enjoying the food and company post race. I ended up as the 6th female overall and 1st in my age-group (however, due to the cap on # of runners it was only my friend and I in our division at this race…soo it’s not like we had anyone beating us out of the top 2 age-group awards, haha).

Korie and I with our muddy shoes!

#5 – Go on 12 Hikes: 1st hike of the year is checked off. A short hike out to a small lake and back happened on Oakley’s first weekend in Virginia. On the way out he was running around, bounding ahead, checking out all the woods had to offer.

Oakley at the trail head

The way back to the trailhead saw him getting tuckered out and slowing his pace down quite a bit. He promptly passed out until dinnertime upon arriving home! We’ll work on building his endurance up for some longer hikes this summer!

Oakley post hike

#9 – Cut my peanutbutter consumption down to 2 jars a month: Still sticking to my limit! 3 months down…9 to go!

I know I mentioned at the end of February how I needed to get in some ski days. Well, due to the super mild winter the place in WV I ski at closed before I was able to get back there. But, I am still hopeful to hit the 30 day mark for 2012. I mean, skiing in the summer is not outside the realm of possibilities… Evidence – July 2010 in Wyoming:

In other news this month, I attended the Annual Virginia Dietetic Association Meeting, which was conveniently held at the Virginia Tech campus. I had a chance to meet the nutrition-focused social media queen herself, Carlene from Carlene’s Figments; attend some great talks by RDs from a variety of fields; and also present a research project I worked on assessing beverage consumption habits in children from a health disparate region. Like most conferences, this one included a Poster contest and I was surprised and honored when my research poster was chosen as the winner! 🙂 March has been a month of WINNING (I know, I sound like Charlie Sheen) and I can only hope my good fortune continues the rest of the year!

How are YOUR goals coming along for the year? Have you updated resolutions, added new goals, etc as the year has progressed?

What do you have to brag about this month?…Share it here! 🙂


5 thoughts on “March 12 in 2012 Recap

  1. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian says:

    That’s great you got winner in your age group! Congrats!!!
    Your dog is just so adorable! I am so glad it’s working out! 🙂
    Lately, I have been doing really good with exercise and the healthy eating goals I set. A bit off track this week since I am sick but can’t wait to get back on it.

  2. teri@managedmacros says:

    Too CUTE!!! Lovin’ the pic!!! Congrats on your win of the slip and slid! 🙂 Mud runs are kind of fun thought, huh? We have very few (if any) trail runs offered around here. Look at Oakley!!! His so cute!!! What a perfect hiking companion…my cats wouldn’t like that too much :). My goal are right on track…next weekend I am doing my firts 1/2 marathon of the season and it is out of state, CA…which was my goal!! Goooo NY goals!!!

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