April 12 in 2012 Recap

1st before this posts get to the point: If you haven’t yet entered my Ortholite Fusion Giveaway, go do that! Winners announced Friday, May 4th – so enter by Thursday at midnight! Now, on to the reason for today’s post…

Quarter of the way through the year and time for the 4th check-in on my 12 in 2012 To Do List. Going to be upfront; this month has not been very successful in checking items off the list. That is not to imply that it hasn’t been a busy or successful month, because let me tell you – LOTS has been getting done, but putting unexciting things on to my to do list (finish projects, study for final exams, etc) for the year just didn’t seem particularly appealing – or entertaining.

Proof of the work/studying occurring. HEEEELLLP!!!

But, back to the list….

#1 – Run 6 trail races: My third trail race of the year is complete. It was a 10K (well, 6.35 was the official distance, whatever, close enough!) on a hilly course! The elevation chart went something like this: Climb for 1.5 miles, Downhill for 1 mile, Climb for 2.25 miles, Downhill for 1.6 miles. Oh buddy, those hills were killer on the legs and those downhills were a rocky, technical, and somewhat scary joy ride! I was thinking of backing out of this race because I hurt my ankle the week before. I put on a walking boot and didn’t run all week, then took it off Saturday, hoping I was good to go. I got through it, but my ankle was not pleased – especially on the descents. I can’t complain that much though, since my friend ended up falling and busting her knee open on the 1st downhill, which resulted in a trip to the hospital to get stitches 😦 .

At the top before heading back in to the woods and down!

 Results- 59:47 (9:25 pace – ughh, trail running you make me so SLOW) Overall: 74th out of 185; Females: 10th out of 70; Division: 2nd out of 9. I’ll take it. Half way done with my “Trail Race Goal List” for the year.

#6 – Start and Finish One of Those DIY Teeth Whitening Boxes: Let’s just chalk this up as a total fail. I did it for 2 days, then my schedule resulted in staying in the office until 1:30am preparing for a test, and thus teeth whitening being forgotten about. Will have to retry this one another time…probably when classes are not running my life.

#9 – Keep PB intake to 2 jars a month: Still sticking to this one…but my humus intake has certainly increased. Coincidence? I think not!

All in all, not a very productive month in terms of my year-long To Do List, but oh well, it is what it is! I think I will still be able to get it all done though!

Luckily, even if we are not roaming around outside, Oakley likes to stick close to people and keep me company while doing work on the weekends. Like I am supposed to get any work done with this adorable face looking out from under the desk!!

How are YOUR goals coming?


15 thoughts on “April 12 in 2012 Recap

  1. Samantha says:

    This post made me laugh. I buy both my hummus and peanut butter by the GIANT size at Costco in large part because of how much I consume!

    The Adams peanut butter is about 5 pounds I think, and the Sabra hummus is about 32 oz. This month I wrote the start date on the Adams because I want to get a handle on how quickly I am going through it (it is bad). Hummus is SO easy to make and much better for you if you make it yourself and still knowing this I am pretty bad about just buying it by the tub. 🙂

    I love the start of new months. Glad you had a great month with April. Some months are like that for me in which I didn’t really accomplish what I thought I should but still did a great job anyway.

  2. Sean says:

    Whoa, one friend gets mentioned for going to the hospital but no mention of the other friend who, in rushing to said hospital drove into the parking garage with the mountain bike on the car thus ripping the roof rack off the car resulting in ~$2000 worth of damage. I am hurt.

    • Tanya says:

      HUGE difference. I need to be better at running trails and hills in preparation for these. Oh well…maybe next year I will get my act together!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Staying in the office until 1.30am?! That sounds like a seriously busy month. I hope May is a bit easier – I’m impressed you’ve still been managing races around everything else 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot! The hummus/peanut butter ratio is definitely not a coincidence. Sounds like you’ll have to pick the least of two evils there 🙂

  5. Trish says:

    Hey thanks for visiting my site which lead me to yours. Love meeting fellow RDs thru the blogosphere. I’m so with you on keeping PB to 2 jars per month only for me its almond butter. Kudos for running trail races!! Such a great workout.

    • Jonatas says:

      December 14, 2011#1. (and most important): Have fun and try not to take it too soierus, I mean that is why we are all there2. Help a fellow runner (or hiker, biker, non-threatening animal), it may be you that needs help one day3. Leave no trace, we are all out on the trails to enjoy the beauty, lets help to preserve it4. Break some rules, go off a training plan for a day, eat a slice of pizza and have a beer5. Always plan to be on the trail longer than you expect, have adequate food and water in case you feel good and run long or get stuck on the trails with an injury6. Train up, try to find people who are more advanced then you and run with them, become a sponge and listen to their advice7. Try to run without music, keep the focus on your body, mechanics and the environment around you8. Listen to your body, it does not like it when you push it beyond its limits (or neglect to push it and leave it at rest too long)9. Rest: when your body tells you too, especially after and injury, then take the time needed to rebuild back to where you were.10. Have fun (yes this is twice, we all get wrapped up in our garmins pace, elevation, calories, how far back am I it truely takes away from the enjoyment of the sport sometimes)

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