Ice Slurry Ingestion Prior to Running in Hot Environments (iRunnerBlog Post)

Is the temperature rising where you live? In Virginia it seems like we went straight from Fall to Summer, skipping over both Winter and Spring this year. Over the past month we have experienced multiple days of 80+°F and even some days in the 90s! As we all know, the rising temperatures can negatively influence our training. Running becomes more difficult as our body struggles to adapt to the changing environment. Pace slows, rate of perceived exertion (RPE) increases, the threat of heat stroke/heat illness becomes an issue, and the thought of hitchhiking a ride home from strangers while out on a long run tends to seem like a good idea. Well maybe that’s just me on the last one. I’m sure no one else has ever had that idea pop in to their minds before, right?? So as the summer weather starts to appear the next few weeks, what can we do from a nutrition standpoint to help keep the temperature from cutting our workouts short? ….

Head on over to the iRunnerBlog where I discuss this in my monthly NutritionNerd column today!


5 thoughts on “Ice Slurry Ingestion Prior to Running in Hot Environments (iRunnerBlog Post)

  1. teri@managedmacros says:

    Sounds like the weather in the midwest too!!! I would soooo much rather run in 30 degree weather than 80!!! What a STRUGGLE!!! I love the idea a the frozen slurry prior…and after 🙂 Great column….we need to think of our destination. Are you thinking 2013? Spring?

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