Groupon Foodie Deals (5-17-12)

Happy Thursday! Do you use Groupon? I try to check it out every so often and see what deals are available. In the past I have purchased massages, restaurant deals, personalized canvas prints, and even a hotel stay with success from this site.

I really like that not all of the Groupon deals are specific to cities. This way if you live in a town that rarely has local Groupons showing up you can still get in on the fun with the On-line deals (but the trick to finding them is searching through random cities since not all of the online ones will show up in your specific location). Today I decided to round-up some of the on-line food deals Groupon has to offer. But act quickly, these deals usually only last 1-2 days!

Tea Embassy – $25 for $50 worth of loose-leaf tea (includes free shipping) from Not sure what kind of tea is right for you? Take the TeaType quiz and this site will provide you with teas that meet your preferences!

The Crab Place – $30 for $60 of fresh, Maryland seafood (specializing in hard and soft-shell crab) delivered to your doorstep from

Sweet Piece Dessert – 3 options, all of which include delivery. $17 for 1 dozen cake pops; $27 for 2 dozen cake pops; or $48 for 4 dozen cake pops from My advice: purchase this one and use it before the next party you host or attend. No one needs to know you didn’t actually make these tasty treats yourself! 😉

Kreative Kandi Apples – 2 options, which includes shipping to anywhere in CA (extra shipping costs for other states). $24 for a 1/2 dozen candy apples or $36 for a dozen candy apples from If you order this deal you are required to send me a Turtle, Apple Pie, or Almond Joy apple as a finder’s fee!

KIND – $10 for $25 worth of KIND snacks from Bonus – bars are gluten free so go ahead and gift this to friends/family who are gluten sensitive!

Barclay’s Wine – 2 options. $59 for 6 bottles of wine + free shipping ($129 value) or $99 for 12 bottles of wine + free shipping ($243 value) from

The Fresh 20 – $24 for 12 months of classic, vegetarian, or gluten free meal planning (a $49 value) from Here is how it works: every Friday, the staff posts 20-ingredient grocery lists and recipes for five meals in classic, vegetarian, or gluten-free categories. The grocery lists eschew preservatives, processed foods, and frozen ingredients in favor of seasonal items that are good for you and the environment. Every recipe piggybacks off the others, so every item on the list creates balanced meals without waste. The list also includes estimated prices, which helps families balance their budgets or train for future appearances on The Price is Right! Apparently the recipes are also “simple and kid friendly” as well. Seems like a good tool. Maybe something to recommend to clients for all you RDs out there!

Wine Insiders – $25 for $75 worth of wine from

1st Time Brewers Package – $64 for a package valued at $138 that includes everything the beginning homebrewer needs from Shipping NOT included in this deal though.

Have you used Groupon before? What is your favorite deal you have gotten? Which of the above is the most appealing?

*Note: I have not ordered any of these deals previously so I cannot vouch for their taste/quality. Just thought it would be fun to share these deals with you and hope some of you might try them out!


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