Welcome to the City of Humble. Population: Me

Last week was a 1st for me. I hit the “time cap” on a workout before it was completed. Talk about devastating and a reality check. Not going to lie, my “workout ego” is bigger than it should be. I’m not super strong or fast by any stretch of the imagination, but at most gyms I would place myself in the top 5% of members as far as fitness goes. I take great pleasure in showing up males at the pull-up bar and being one of the few females who isn’t afraid to get in the squat racks. To quote one of my friends – “You don’t get quads like these on accident!”, haha – he’s a character let me tell you! Anyways, this workout put me in my place.

Here are the details:

THREE rounds for time (with a 15 minute time limit) of:

    • 25 Wall Ball shots (Holding a weighted ball, squat down and quickly stand up, throwing the ball at a high target against the wall, catch ball and repeat)
    • 20 Sit-ups + Ball throws (Holding the same weighted ball as before, perform a normal sit up, throw ball at wall at the top, catch and repeat)
    • 15 Hang Squat Cleans (Essentially a combination of a traditional hang clean and a front squat. See link for a video demo.)
    • 10 Lateral Burpee Hop-overs (Perform a traditional burpee and then a lateral -aka, sideways – hop over the bar you are using for hang squat cleans)
    • 5 Wall Climbs (Lying on stomach with feet against a wall and head away from wall, perform a pushup and then walk feet up the wall and hands back towards the wall until chest touches wall. Then walk yourself back down. See link for a video demo)

I completed 2 full rounds and then made it through a 3rd round of wall ball shot and sit-ups + ball throws and got in 8 reps of hang squat cleans before the buzzer sounded. Dang. Fail. I’ve got some work to do.

When was the last time a workout knocked you down a few pegs?

*Yes, I know the city of Humble, TX is pronounced with a silent “H” – I went there once – but it seemed like an appropriate picture.

**If you’re interested in trying this workout, the “prescribed” weights are: 20# ball for men / 14# ball for women for the ball throws and situps + throws and 115# for men / 80# for women for Hang Squat Cleans. It may not sound all that heavy, but it is…so scale back accordingly!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the City of Humble. Population: Me

  1. Samantha says:

    I seriously laughed at this post because I have a sister and some friends that would be upset like this…me…not remotely. LOL. I am totally uncompetitive, I probably wouldn’t even try it.

    The wall climbs however looked fabulous! I had to try those darlings out but wasn’t willing to go stomach all the way to the wall without a spot. We will see…

    • Tanya says:

      I almost fell over several times trying to do those wall climbs all the way. By the 2nd round they were pitiful looking anyway and my stomach was not even close to touching the wall haha!

      • Samantha says:

        OK. That makes me feel much better because in my own home I knew that if I went all the way to stomach I ran the risk of going over which interestingly enough is much worse as an adult than I remember it being as a child. 🙂

  2. EA Stewart says:

    Ha! I think one round of those wall climbs would get me! I think one workout that got me was a yoga class. I do yoga very infrequently, and this was a very fast paced class. Needless to say, I had to take some frequent “pauses”. I don’t think you should feel too bad about your workout 🙂

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