May 24th is National “Don’t Fry Day” – But, Get Some Vitamin D Too!

In preparation for Memorial Day Weekend today has been deemed National ‘Don’t Fry Day’ – meaning, don’t get a sunburn! While I certainly agree that it is important to be “Sun Savvy”, it is also important to get adequate exposure in order to synthesize some vitamin D.

With that in mind, today seems like the perfect day to share some tips on safe and healthy sun exposure from the vitamin D council.

  • Get the right amount for you. Every person has different skin. We all live in different places. We all need different exposure times. We recommend you expose your naked skin for half the time it takes to turn pink. This way, you won’t burn and you’ll produce vitamin D. This amount of time is going to be different for everyone.
  • The more skin you can expose, the more vitamin D you will produce. Don’t settle for exposing just your legs and arms. Take your shirt off or wear your bathing suit if you can! This way, you can produce much more  vitamin D in a shorter amount of time. Again, don’t bake! Follow the first principle.
  • Don’t use sunscreen. Sunscreen doesn’t allow your body to produce as much vitamin D as it wants to. Plus, sunscreen has not been shown to prevent all types of skin cancers.
  • Cover up. Got a little sun exposure? Good. Now cover up with clothing or shade. It’s important not to burn! If you must use sunscreen after a little naked sun exposure, sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB is recommended.

Now you’re all set to be safe and produce some vitamin D this weekend and summer!

For more information about sun exposure, vitamin D, and skin cancer, please check out some articles discussing the scientific literature posted on the vitamin D Council’s blog about these topics.

What are your Memorial Day Weekend Plans? Are you a sun-lover or sun-avoider?


5 thoughts on “May 24th is National “Don’t Fry Day” – But, Get Some Vitamin D Too!

  1. Sean says:

    I think I may have gotten a sunburn from being out in the sun from 6-8pm last night coaching. Damn my Irish skin, haha

  2. thespicyrd says:

    Getting ready to post soon, about Nutrition and Skin Cancer in honor of skin cancer awareness month. I’m a big believer in keeping Vitamin D levels up to snuff, and I will get 15 or so minutes of unprotected sun, however, living in San Diego and being outdoors a lot {although we are going to have a drizzly weekend}, and being at higher risk for skin cancer {already had one basal cell skin cancer}, I do need to wear sunscreen, so I also take a vitamin D supplement. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    This is a brilliant post 🙂 I have fair skin and have always been sun conscious (especially living in Australia!) but was picked up as Vitamin D deficient last year. I now take a supplement and have noticed a number of positive improvements since doing so.

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