ACSM Annual Meeting

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are all having a relaxing and fun-filled day! I am heading out to San Francisco, CA for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting today and will be there through the end of the week.

I haven’t been to a meeting this large since FNCE (the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – formerly the American Dietetic Association’s annual meeting) in 2009. Knowing that they can be a bit overwhelming with so much to see and do, I am going to use the plane ride today to create my plan of attack in terms of presentations to see, posters to visit, receptions to attend, etc. I created my itinerary on the ACSM site last week, but with so much I want to see and do I am currently double or triple-booked during most time slots! Looks like I need to do some coin-flipping or something to decide which sessions to pick. Right now I am most excited about attending the GSSI (Gatorade Sports Science Institute)’s Sports Nutrition Pre-Conference, taking advantage of all of the networking opportunities, and hopefully getting to talk to some of the BIG names in these research areas. Some people get “starstruck” by athletes and celebrities. Me? I get starstruck by people who are during the research that I read. (Ahh, such a nerd)!

I will be tweeting information and highlights from the conference using the hashtag #ACSMAnnualMtg so be on the lookout for those! If you will be attending ACSM let me know!

Before signing off today I wanted to include this fun post that the Spicy RD tagged me in on Facebook:

This is a fun way to share a few things about yourself and get to know each other better! If I tag you, please answer the questions in your own post, linking to me so I can see your answers and some new pages for discovery. Let’s go!

  1. Where are you located? Southwest Virginia…for the next few years at least!
  2. Where would you prefer to be located? Right now I am happy and satisfied where I am. I am doing what I love and living in a beautiful part of the country that suits me well. That being said, once I get those three little letters behind my name (PhD) I will be searching for a job in the Rocky Mountain Region. (Well, that is the game plan for now anyway).
  3. Favorite cooking tools? Well, I am not much of a cook. My favorite kitchen tool is my Keurig by far…but that isn’t a cooking tool. Hmm, a cutting board I guess so I can chop up lots of fresh veggies? Wow, I’m lame!
  4. Last song you rocked out to? “Take it Easy” by the Eagles! I can usually be found jamming out to Country and Classic Rock! 🙂
  5. Favorite Color: turquoise
  6. Favorite Time Waster: I don’t really consider them “time wasters”, but I guess blogging/Twitter and taking naps with Oakley!
  7. Favorite exercise: Skiing, Running, Lifting, and Hiking! (even though I really just consider skiing more of a fun passion than exercise)

I’m tagging: Sarah @ Food and Fitness Friend and Kari at Bite-Sized Thoughts!

Anyone have any recommendations on places to run and places to eat in San Francisco? What are you up to this Memorial Day? What kind of people make you “starstruck”?


8 thoughts on “ACSM Annual Meeting

  1. Sarah says:

    Ohhh! I used to live in SF and miss it so much. Where are you staying? It’s been a few years since I’ve been back so I’m just a ton of new fantastic places have opened but here are a few of my favorite restaurants (plus 2 wine bars!) – sushi groove (russian hill), A16 (marina), pizzaria delfina (mission) and the wine bars – amelie and bin 26.

    I used to run along the embarcadero which is really nice because it’s all along the water and you can pretty much run from downtown near the ferry building all the way to the bridge. It’s also nice and flat once you get over there 🙂

    have fun! look forward to your updates!

  2. EA Stewart (@TheSpicyRD) says:

    Fun hearing your answers and learning more about you! Your conference sounds great. I will actually be in SF too at the same time. My husband has a business trip there today/tomorrow and I am tagging along for a quick getaway 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. teri@managedmacros says:

    I love that your favorite cooking apparatus is your Keurig!!!Cracks me up! I love turquoise..that and red, and together, are my favorite. Did you find a race in San Francisco? I did the Madision half in WI this weekend…was super fun. Madison rocks!!!

  4. Julian Ong (@ongjulian) says:

    😉 I’m the same. I get starstruck by people doing the research. Tipton, van Loon, Stu you know the lot. My favourite kitchen tool is the chinese cleaver. Most versatile thing there is. Chop, dice, slice and my favourite smash (garlic) 😉

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