Road ID Winner + Wasabi Salmon

Happy Monday everyone! Thank you to all of you who entered my RoadId Giveaway for the blog’s 1st Birthday! The winner (using is …. Emily P! Congrats Emily! Be on the lookout for an email from me about getting the gift card to you!

A while back my friend Chris (you know, the personal trainer from this TRX Suspension Training post) sent me some Trader Joes Wasabi Almonds since I live in a deprived part of Virginia without a TJs! They are AWESOME! I now detest unflavored almonds after experiencing these guys.

Shortly after finishing off that bag I was in Baltimore for the SCAN Symposium and ate this fabulous Wasabi Crusted Salmon at a restaurant one night. It was great! Then, as chance would have it as I was waiting for some take out I wandered through the world market grocery store in town and spotted a bag of wasabi powder – which I hastily snatched up. Long story short, the DIY wasabi almonds were lackluster compared to the TJs version – and thus not on the blog. However, I did find a recipe for Wasabi Salmon which I believe is worth sharing.

Wasabi Salmon – From The only change I made was doubling the wasabi powder as most of the comments indicated there was not a strong enough wasabi flavor. It was delicious! 🙂 I made it a second time and actually coated the salmon with the wasabi powder to make it more “wasabi crusted” and that turned out even better (in my opinion). Truth be told, I searched through several other recipes 1st but this one only required 5 ingredients so it ended up the winner. That’s just how things go in my kitchen!

Sound off. Wasabi: Love it? Hate it? Only in moderation? On average, what is the number of ingredients that turns you off from trying out a new recipe?


8 thoughts on “Road ID Winner + Wasabi Salmon

  1. Samantha says:

    I thought I hated wasabi (previously only sushi experience) and then…I had those damn almonds! LOL.They are HIGHLY addictive.

    It is not necessarily the amount of ingredients (although because of limited time I do tend to the short lists) it is how many ingredients I have to go and find and if the instructions are too wordy!

  2. teri@managedmacros says:

    Congrats to emily!!! Yummmmm waaasssaaabiii!!!! I have heard of the almonds, but have not tried them yet. I would love them, I can eat the heck out of those little peas! Your salmon sounds fabu!

  3. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I love wasabi but go through stages with it a bit. This post has reminded me of it though and may be triggering a renewed wasabi phase!

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