June 12 in 2012 Recap

Well folks, we have officially burned through HALF of the year already. With June coming to a close, it is time for my 6th check-in on my 12 in 2012 To Do List.

#2 – Submit an NIH grant: DONE! Although before you think I am some kind of superstar, genius, etc. know that this project was worked upon by several folks, with the largest amount to work being done by my advisor. I am so grateful to have gone through the experience of being involved in writing and submitting such a large grant. I think this is a needed step in my path to becoming an independent researcher. Fingers crossed this ends up being funded! However, here is a graph to put the chance of being funded in to perspective:

The above graph shows the funding rate for all NIH grants over the years. The specific grant that we just submitted had an overall funding rate of only 10% last year!

#5 – Go on 12 Hikes: Hike #4 brought me to the Cascades. It was a short, quick, afternoon hike with a fellow PhD student and the Oakley dog. It was really crowded when we got to the waterfall so we played in the water for a bit before turning back. Oakley is still very nervous around strange people and dogs so we didn’t want to freak him out too much.

#6 – Start and FINISH one of those DIY teeth whitening strips: DONE! I stumbled multiple times with this item; starting and then missing the next day several times. However, I am proud to say I finally managed to complete the whole 2 weeks straight, uninterrupted of the teeth whitening kit. I guess my teeth look a bit whiter? I don’t know. No I did not take before an after pictures to share…that’s just weird. If you really want to see pictures of mouths/teeth, head on over to the teethwhiteningblog (yes, such a thing exists). I used the Rembrandt self-dissolving strips. They were weird. I didn’t really like them compared to previous whitening strips, but they were the cheapest.

#9 – Cut my PB consumption down to 2 jars a month: Still hanging in there with the 2 jar a month limit. Having a cap on it sure makes me appreciate PB when I do consume it!

Overall at the Half-Way Point: 4 items completely checked off (Numbers 2, 6, 7, and 8) and most of the others are well on their way to being completed by the close of the year.

Where are you with your goals half-way in to the year? What is on your “to-do” list for the next 6 months?



6 thoughts on “June 12 in 2012 Recap

  1. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Congratulations on the grant – I really appreciate the trauma and effort that goes into those! Lots of luck for the review process. Congratulations on your other achievements too – you are going brilliantly with the goals list by the looks of it!

  2. teri@managedmacros says:

    You are a ROCK STAR!!!! I am still working on mine too!! Congrats on the grant!! What a beautiful hike, you are so fortunate to live in such an scenic area…beautiful. Good job on the PB…you have had that mastered for a while now, haven’t you?

  3. EA Stewart (@TheSpicyRD) says:

    Wow-impressive accomplishments so far! The are win the Cascades you hiked too looks gorgeous. I just got back from an overnight camping trip which was wonderful. I would love to get in more hiking and camping this summer. Huge congrats on your grant! P.S. Great recap of the ACSM meeting too!

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