25th Birthday – ABC’s About Me

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!! Today I have officially been gracing the world with my presence for 25 years. You’re all welcome! {jokes!!!} A while back I saw this fun “get to know me” post on Anna’s blog and I decided today would be a good day to post it on Dine, Dash, and Deadlift! I was also recently nominated for 2 blogger awards that require me to share some random fact about myself, so this post will include lots of random things and fit the bill pretty well. The first award is the  Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling that I was nominated for by Kristen, the Swanky Dietitian. The second award is the One Lovely Blog Award, which was passed along to me from Carlene of Carlene’s Figments. Thanks for the nominations ladies! So…here we go!

A is for age: 25

B is for breakfast today: Smoothie with water, protein powder, banana, and frozen raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

C is for currently craving: Caffeine! An iced coffee with soy milk would be fabulous right now.

D is for dinner tonight: Not sure. Going out to celebrate but haven’t decided on a place yet.

E is for favorite type of exercise: It changes, but right now overhead squats.

F is for an irrational fear: SHARKS – but I don’t think this is irrational. Hello, didn’t you all see Jaws?!?!

G is for gross food: Oh this is a long list, but the 1st one that comes to mind right now is soup. Yuck, grosses me out. All kinds. I know, I’m weird, but to me soup just seems like water-logged food!

H is for hometown: A tiny town in Massachusetts that essentially consisted of apple orchards, golf courses, and a lake.

I is for something important: Get Your vitamin D levels checked. Do it!

J is for current favorite jam: “4th of July” by Shooter Jennings! <– give it a listen and let me know what you think!

K is for kids: I’m only interested in furry, 4-legged kids, but love coaching soccer and teaching skiing to other people’s human kiddos.

L is for current location: Blue Ridge Mountains, appoximately

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Filling up my gas tank…nothing super exiting.

N is for something you need: More $ and more hours in the day would be nice. Other than that I can’t think of anything I actually need….just a big long list of things I want!

O is for occupation: PhD Student (which essentially entails being a student, a college instructor, and a researcher all at once). Love it! And I do some Nutrition consulting (mostly sports) on the side!

P is for pet peeve: Ignorance and laziness.

Q is for a quote: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines…
Sail away from the safe harbor…
Catch the trade winds in your sails and…
~Mark Twain~

R is for random fact about you: Growing up I wanted to be a jockey. But I think I am a little bit too big for that now…bummer.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Green bell peppers (see “V”)

T is for favorite treat: PB Banana Ice Cream – or anything with PB really!

U is for something that makes you unique: I don’t have Facebook set up on my phone. Figured I didn’t need to have access to it all the time.

V is for favorite vegetable: Green Bell Peppers!!! (seriously, I eat them whole like an apple for a snack on daily basis)

W is for today’s workout: Lifting, and maybe a light jog this evening.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Ankles and back. I think that is all.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I slept in which was awesome and Oakley went swimming all by himself!

Z is for your time zone: EST for now! Soon enough (aka in a few years) the Mountain Time Zone will again be where I call home!

Pick a letter or two and share below in the comment section! Anyone else have some of these random things in common with me?

P.S. – For my birthday last year I shared 24 Random Food and Nutrition Facts, so go check those out of you want!


14 thoughts on “25th Birthday – ABC’s About Me

  1. teri@managedmacros says:

    HAPPYYYY BDAAAAYYY!!!! I love the abc’s!!! I have never seen this done before! You and those peppers…so odd!!! 😉
    T: favorite treat: ice cream I love vanilla with a scoop of peanut butter
    V: favorite veggie: Asparagus. Never gets old. I eat it for breakfast when it is leftover.
    E: favorite exercise: Jump rope. I’ve got all the tricks down and can do all of them on top of a BOSU!
    Great to know a little more about you!!

    • Tanya says:

      Jump rope on a BOSU! You are a talented lady! I’ve been working on Double Unders a little bit with the jump rope, trying to see how many I can get in a row before whipping myself in the shins!!

  2. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    Happy birthday and this was a really fun post to read! I wholeheartedly support your I (check Vit D) too 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Happy birthday!! I just went an took a vitamin D pill, thanks to your reminder.

    I’ve a funny (well, *now* it’s funny) story about my vitamin D levels, living in Seattle for 6 months, and then coming back to the east coast that I’ll have to share w/ you sometime!

    • Kaa says:

      you laid my heart out on it’. Your work is so touching and is like no one else’s. Take care and, again, cant wait to hear what you have been worinkg on.Love,Kate

    • Cristian says:

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