Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 2

Week 1 of marathon training is in the book and Week 2 has begun. The piece of motivation I am using this week – and probably for many weeks to come – is this:

The start of a run can be a struggle. Sometimes it takes ticking off a few miles before my mind and legs believe I can get through what was scheduled. This fortune is a good reminder to power through, get outside, and cover those miles!

I’ve debated posting my times/paces for runs. I don’t want it to be used for “judgement” purposes / make any of you feel better or worse about yourselves. There are plenty of people out there faster than me and slower than me. Whatever, who cares. Decided to post them anyway so that I have a record of them.

Here is a recap of Week 1 (Full plan can be found on this link of the iRunnerBlog.):

  • Sunday- 10 minute warm-up, 5 x 1 min 10K pace/1 min light jog. 10 minute cool down. I jogged to a local track and then did the 10 minute fartlek-type run around there. I actually misread the schedule and thought it was 1 minute at 5K pace, so I ran the first part a bit faster than I should have and then probably did the jog slower than I probably should have. TEMP: 85°F
  • Monday- 3 miles. This run SUCKED. I forgot to pack socks in my bag, so I went out without them. Big mistake. Quickly rubbed two holes in the back of my foot, which are still there. I covered them with blister block band-aids and then mole skin for the rest of my workouts. TIME: 25:15 (8:25 min/mile pace), TEMP: 83°F
  • Tuesday- Off from running. Did some ab work.
  • Wednesday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 mile tempo hard effort, 10 minute cool-down. Route I ran had gradual, non-steep hills. TIME: 23:28 (7:49 min/mile pace), TEMP: 70°F
  • Thursday- Off from running. Went and lifted. Going to make an effort to get in to the gym 1-2x/week in order to lift and keep some strength.
  • Friday8 miles. This was my long run for the week. Felt pretty good for first 4 miles. Hamstrings felt tight after that, so I slowed down for miles 4-7 and then did a fartlek type effort on the last mile. TIME: 1:09:49 (8:44 min/mile pace). TEMP: 75°F.
  • Saturday- 90 minute Vinyasa yoga class in a slightly heated room. Yoga is harder than it should be. I am so freaking inflexible. I also did some ab work. I wanted to lift today, but my stupid gym decided on THURSDAY to tell us they would be closed on Saturday. Thanks for the heads up, NOT!

Anyone else in marathon (or other distance) training mode right now? How is it going?



16 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 2

  1. Colton St. Peter says:

    Are you monitoring heart-rate too? And how did you decide on your pace for some of the runs?…I don’t think I saw a part where they tell you that on the training plan (unless I missed it somewhere)

    • Tanya says:

      Nope, not monitoring HR. I have a monitor…somewhere… I also have the watch for it….somewhere. haha. I find that the less I have to “remember” to bring/pack the better. This guide doesn’t give a pace for the runs other than the 1st day. It gives the option of runnng last half of mileage or totaly mileage for the long runs at goal pace. So very flexible. I am actually going to be subbing out some of the runs to try out the Yasso’s 800 workout.

      For future races I may put more of an effort in to using a plan that is more exact in the pacing, but for now I figure just cover the miles and get through this first one. Any words of wisdom though?? Because I am open to switching things up! 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I am sure there is going to be a subset that is going to fixate on your times (for better or worse) but I think you have the right idea logging for yourself.

    Terrible about the foot rubs! I love that you are walking through the training of this however. I think it is helpful for someone who wants to get an idea of the training involved.

  3. timelapserunner says:

    Just started my program a week ago in a long run up to the Louisiana Marathon in January. Despite the ribbing I’ll be getting, I will be using Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run program to get me there, as this is my first marathon, I have some history of injuries, and I’m old as the hills. Best wishes on your adventure. I am adding your blog to my list of blogs, so I can follow your exploits.

    • Tanya says:

      No ribbing at all! I have heard a lot of positive things about his run/walk/run program. I’m interested to see what you think of it! And hey, at this point the miles are still non-intimidating, I may be right there on that run/walk program with you in a few weeks and I am not “old as the hills” as you say! 😉

    • Samantha says:

      Hi there! I just looked at your blog a bit too and very inspiring. I love following other people’s training for this…especially the first time “averagers” out there. 🙂

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I would definitely be an unhappy runner without socks! More generally, though, this is really helpful to read and share in. I am not any where near marathon distance but a half marathon is on my ‘to do’ list (one day!) so I really like getting the insight into how the training works over time.

  5. teri@managedmacros says:

    Nice pace time! I will be doing some fall half marathons…yet to be determined! My shin has been giving me grief but It is starting to behave. So back to pounding the pavement too! I love your journey!!!

  6. Melissa says:

    Way to get those workouts in during week 1!

    That “the beginning is always the hardest” quote is DEAD ON. When I first started running, it was hard, but feel like when I come back from a running hiatus it’s even worse. I’m base building now and then training for Philly starts on 7/31 – game face will be ON!! 🙂

    • Ana says:

      I must say, as significantly as I eojnyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a fantastic grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from far more than 1 angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so considerably. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the topic. Think about adjusting your own believed process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Lena @Fit on the Rocks says:

    Good job, speedy! I just picked up half marathon training again, and it is not coming easy AT ALL. I’m the same in that it sometimes takes me up to 4 miles to get in the mindframe of being able to run as much as the paper says I can

  8. Allison @ PickyEatingRD says:

    I’ve actually been posting my workouts now on Wednesdays and feel like its a good record for me. I used to be a little cautious (as to not elicit any judgement) but quickly changed my mindset to: It’s my blog! I don’t think posting times is a bad thing especially when it is for YOUR records =)

  9. Sarah @ Run, Write, Conquer says:

    I used to be hesitant to post my times on my blog, too. I’m definitely not a fast runner, but I’m proud of what I’m doing and shouldn’t be embarrassed to share my progress. You don’t come off as braggy at all, and you’re “keeping it real” by sharing both your struggles and your successes, which I think it makes your blog more real. Congrats on finishing Week 1!

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