Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 5

Over the past 4 weeks of training I have asked myself this at the end of each long run: “If I had to run 18.2, 16.2, 14.2, or 12.2 more miles today (i.e. my long run + the distance needed to make it a marathon), how would it have gone?” The answer thus far has been, “not well!” Therefore, my motivation for this week is:

Just need to take it day by day and keep working! 🙂

Week 4 Recap:

Sunday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 x (2 min 5K pace/ 1 min jog), 10 minute cool-down. Time for another round of Yasso’s 800s, which I first tried out in Week 2. 5 x 800 m in 4:00, with a recovery jog equal to the time the 800 m takes. Perhaps I was more mentally prepared this time around, because adding an additional rep wasn’t bad at all. My hamstring felt a bit strained, but I felt strong other than that. Again, I finished slightly ahead on each of the 800s. As the weeks go on I will be working up to 10 reps! TIME: 34:56 (would have been 36 minutes if I took 4:00 for each 800)

Monday- 5 miles and 7 x 1 minute of jump rope. It was very humid out, I was hungry, and started feeling a bit light-headed during the run. I decided to move the jump roping to Wednesday when I knew I would be going to the gym since I didn’t have one available. Added some ab work instead. TIME: 43:30 (8:42 min/mile pace).

Tuesday- Off from running. ICE BATH!  Moved it to Thursday.

Wednesday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 80% effort, 10 minute cool-down. Did this on the treadmill. BORING! Luckily there was women’s Olympic water polo on TV to distract me. TIME: 24:35 (8:12 min/mile pace). Also lifted and did ab work.

Thursday- Off from running. ICE BATH! A make shift ice bath in the tub is not nearly as awesome as the whirlpools from the training room in college. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Friday- 14 mile long run. I was all set to get up early to get this over with, but my alarm failed to go off (or I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t hear it?) at 5:20am as planned. When I did wake up I was starving and it was too late to go out and run since I was driving up to Maine. I went out for this run that evening. Ehh, not awful, but not great. The dried fruit I brought with me to snack on upset my stomach a lot, causing me to stop for a bit. TIME: 2:15:00 (9:38 min/mile pace).

Saturday- Yoga or 30 minutes XTrain. How about hike around Acadia National Park for a few hours instead? 🙂

Where is your favorite place to hike? How was your weekend?



8 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 5

  1. Sean says:

    I think you forgot to mention your running companion for the Yaso 800s….. Oakley!! I just talked to him with respect to you leaving him out of your blog. He is pissed. As a result he is sulking in his “cave” and pouting. HAHA

  2. teri@managedmacros says:

    Hello stranger!!! I have been removed from blog land lately…buuttttt…I”M BACCCKKK!!!! Looks like your going strong as ever too! Ugh, ice bath. No fun. You are cruisin right along on that plan and I love you motivation tip…think I have that pinned. Cute pick of you!!!

  3. ea-the spicy rd says:

    I’m SO impressed with your training schedule! Those Yasso 800s sound fun 🙂 Ha! Love the picture at the bottom of your post! I’d definitely pick the hike. So many favorite ones it’s hard to choose, but I’d love to re-do my hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite once my kids are old enough to join me!

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