Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 6

Vacation is over and it is time to jump back in to my “normal” schedule. I am welcoming this return to structured days after a thoroughly unstructured week and a half. Time to get back on track with my sleep habits (good-bye late night Olympic watching, hello 4:45 am alarm for work this morning), my diet (out with the ice cream and pizza, in with a fully stocked, healthy fridge), my work (let’s get productive and cross some items off the to-do list), and my training.

My training didn’t veer dangerously off course as I still got all of my workouts in. However, the lazy, relaxing vacation mindset I had did manage to creep in to my workouts, diminishing their quality. Come on scheduled days, work your magic!

Week 5 Recap:

Sunday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 x (10 minute 10K pace / 1 minute jog), 10 minute cool-down. Was a bit tired from being out in the sun earlier in the day and hiking yesterday, but not a bad run. Biggest problem was dodging Bar Harbor pedestrian traffic! It sure is a pretty view from downtown though.

Monday- 6 miles. Actually ended up doing this on Tuesday. Monday consisted of sleeping in, hiking, sea kayaking, and eating blueberry cheesecake ice cream (which I highly recommend) in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, ME.

Tuesday- Off from running.  6 miles from yesterday. Drove back to Massachusetts first and then ran the loop around the lake my parent’s live on to get my miles in. It was SLOW. My legs were sore. My nutrition has been less than stellar. Bad combination. TIME: 55:30 (9:15 mile pace). Also did some abs.

Wednesday-10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 90% effort, 10 minute cool-down. On the treadmill at the gym. TIME: 24:12 (8:04 mile pace). Also lifted.

Thursday- Off from running….actually off from most everything. Literally spent the day relaxing on the beach, eating green bell peppers, jumping in to the Atlantic Ocean (wowza, cold water is a wake up call),

and finished it off with ice cream for dinner. Yup. We have this great place here in MA called Kimball’s Farm which I had on my list of things to do while I was back in New England. Yes I ate ice cream as my main “entrée” for dinner….and I don’t regret it.

Friday-12 mile long run. Some shuffling of workouts happened here. Basically I was busy all morning and early afternoon and by the time I went out to run there was torrential rain and lots of lightning as well as a Tornado Warning and a Flood Warning… So I went to the gym. 12 miles on the treadmill??? Ehh, I thought about it. It sounded like a cruel form of torture so I did Saturday’s workout and Sunday’s workout for Week 6 instead and moved the 12 miler to Sunday. 30 minutes Crosstrain (bike); abs; and 10 min jog warm-up, 6x stair repeats, 10 min jog cool down. Seemed very easy compared to running 12 miles inside on a treadmill.

Saturday- Yoga or 30 minutes X-train Thinking ahead I knew today would be an off day since I was traveling (via train) from Boston to SE Virginia. It should have taken about 13 hours but I had a 1.5 hour layover in DC before switching trains and it ended up delayed. So, finally 16 hours later I got to my ending train station. They should really have “exercise cars” on trains. I mean they have a quiet car, a dining car, and sleeper cars…so where is the “gym car”??

Sunday (Week 6)- 10 min jog warm-up, 6x stair repeats, 10 min jog cool down. 12 miles. Felt great for first 7 miles, maintaining a sub 9 minute pace. Felt awful and had side cramps for the last 5 and was barely moving at the end. I need to work on going slower at the start so I can negative split and pick it up as I go, not fade so bad. TIME: 1:54:25 (9:32 mile pace).

Anyone else enjoy the structure and schedule that comes from returning from vacation? And more importantly, who wants to come and move all of my stuff to my new house while I am at work this week? The air mattress was a great substitute for a night, but I miss my real bed!



11 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 6

  1. Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog says:

    Looks like you did a great job of getting those workouts in during vacation time. I agree – returning to structure after some time off feels refreshing. Also, I had to laugh at your comment about staying up late to watch the Olympics – I’m sad they are over, but am also happy I won’t stay up late to watch them. Hello return of morning workouts!

  2. Allie says:

    I think you managed to find a great balance between relaxing and keeping your training plan in mind. So the runs weren’t necessarily your best – you still got them in! Give yourself more credit knowing you are back to your “normal?” schedule this week. =)

  3. Lena @Fit on the Rocks says:

    It’s so bad because my last week and a half has been like the first paragraph of your post, but I’ve been living life as usual lol. I’ve just been so caught up in other things that everything else has dropped back in importance. Time to kick it up a notch!

  4. EA Stewart (@TheSpicyRD) says:

    Nothing wrong with ice cream for dinner….Heck, my kids and I had ice cream for lunch last week. Then later in the afternoon they asked me what was for lunch and i told them they already had eaten it 🙂 Wish I could help you move, but that’s one of my least favorite things!

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