Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 7

As I head in to Week 7 of Marathon Training I am feeling a bit discouraged. My past 3 long runs have left much to be desired. I have either felt fatigued from the start or else started out awesome only to fade at the end. Those little seeds of doubt have been planted (you know, the ones that say, “you’re not cut out for this”) and I am becoming worried. Time to push away those fears, power through, and move forward better than ever.

Week 6 Recap:

Sunday- 10 minute warm-up, 6 x stair repeats (1 “stair” = 3 floors), 10 minute cool-down Remember, how last week needed a little bit of reorganizing? Today ended up being the long run from Friday of 12 miles. It wasn’t pretty.

Monday- 5 miles. Met up with the run group but only ran with them for about 1.5 miles of this as they all had a shorter run planned. No biggie, just having people there for a little bit was great. TIME: 44:07 (8:49 mile pace)

TuesdayOff from running. Ab work.

Wednesday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 100% effort, 10 minute cool-down. 3rd go around with Yasso’s 800s instead. This time for 6 reps. 6 x 800 m in 4:00 minutes with a light jog in between equal to the duration of the previous 800. I wanted nothing to do with this workout or any workout. Waking up at 4:45 am for work had me ready for a nap and the end of the day by 2 pm. I sucked it up and got my butt over to the track for a 4:30 pm workout. And I am SO glad I did. Started feeling AWESOME half way through. This was a great reminder that working out = great energy and attitude booster. TIME: 42:18 (would have been 44:00 if I hit all 800s in 4 minutes, but once again I was a bit ahead of schedule for each of them)

Thursday- Off from running

Friday- 16 mile long run.YOGA Shifted these last two workouts around. Unfortunately I couldn’t head out with the run group like I would have liked this morning for the long run thanks to having to go to work ultra early. So instead I went to a 75 minute yoga class later that evening. It felt good to get back to the normal routine of yoga at the end of the week, even though I am AWFUL at it. So inflexible.

Saturday- Yoga 16 mile long run.The plan for today was to 1) go out slow and 2) “train the gut” by making myself take on water and calories. The last time I ran 16 miles was over 2 months ago in DC and I only drank a little bit of water (and felt fine). So today I made myself take on 30-40 grams of carbohydrates every 45 minutes. It did NOT sit well and I ran, hunched over, clutching my stomach for most of it. Talk about long and painful! TIME: 2:47 (10:26 pace) uh oh!!! Need to get this turned around and back to feeling strong and confident.

How do you overcome feelings of doubts and inadequacy with your workouts, or life in general?



13 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 7

  1. Kailey says:

    You can do this Tanya! I just know it because you have the drive and motivation. There is no such thing as a wasn’t run during marathon training 🙂 Like you, it is hard for me to take in food during runs. During my marathon I took in half a clif bar around mile 18 and was good to go, but thats just me.

  2. Samantha says:

    Wow, the inadequacy question is a great one. I don’t have a good answer for you, but sometimes the best motivation is that I can. Especially since I have lost a couple of really strong amazing people simply too young. It gets me trying to live life the best I can. And no, it doesn’t work every day and for every situation. 🙂

  3. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian says:

    Keep going! You are doing great!
    Running is one of the most difficult things. It can be such a mental sport.
    I always hated when I had good intentions with carbs and water and then it didn’t go well. It can be frustrating. You are doing awesome! 🙂

  4. David H. says:

    This summer has me feeling so many things that I can’t quite put into words. I have to continuously remind myself that I’m running more and running stronger than in the past, even though I fall short every week. Just adjust your training schedule every week so you’re not feeling like you have to make up runs and you’ll get to the starting line healthy.

  5. plateitnclimb says:

    Tanya, do not feel discouraged. The fact that you are training and working and schooling (yes I made that last word up a tad) is such an inspiration and a huge accomplishment. Honestly I admire the fact that you are not rigid with your training schedule I think that is so healthy. It makes it so you can enjoy life and the training!

  6. Heather C says:

    Figuring out the fuel aspect of endurance training involves a TON of trial & error! Even through my first 26.2 I thought I had it figured out and everything felt wrong on race-day (thanks to some hydration mistakes…). For what it’s worth – I stray far away from the gels and “easy” sugars, and usually do either a half Larabar (yep, hard to chew but easier to stomach), or Margarita-flavored Shot Bloks…

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