Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 8

Welcome to the start of the work week! Before I get to today’s motivational quote and last week’s marathon training recap, go get yourself entered in my ZICO Coconut Water Giveaway. The chocolate flavor is AWESOME! Alright, onward with today’s post…

The disappointment I felt from Week 6 got washed away by the end of this past week, and I am ready to head in to Week 8 (and the second half of training) feeling optimistic. I will conclude this upcoming week with the longest run of my life, 18 miles in a single session! Eeek. Therefore, here is my motivation for the next 7 days…

Week 8, I’m coming for you!

Week 7 Recap:

Sunday- 10 min warm-up; 2 x 1 mile @ 5K pace (rest 5 minutes after 1st one); 10 min cool-down.  Ended up being an OFF day, busy moving and organizing my house along with typical Sunday responsibilities.

Monday- 6 miles. 10 min warm-up; 2 x 1 mile @ 5K pace (rest 5 minutes after 1st one); 10 min cool-down. Felt strong on this run, as I usually do with the shorter, interval type workouts. I knew I needed to get the mile repeats in less than 8 minutes each. I did the 1st in 7:40 and the second in 7:41. I think because it was out on a trail with mile markers and not a track, I went faster than I might have if I had known where I was to pace myself. No complaints though. Felt good!

Tuesday- Off from running. 6 miles from yesterday. Went out without my watch because I just didn’t want to be disappointed. Felt good to not be stuck on pace and to just run for the sake of running.

Wednesday- 10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 80% effort, 10 minute cool-down. Again I went out without my watch, just giving what “felt” like 80%, not what time would indicate 80% is.

Thursday- Off

Friday- 10 mile long run in AM and 10 mile long run in PM. I was SCARED of today, but it ended up being just fine. I reminded myself that I had gone through double or triple practice sessions while in college for soccer, so running 10 miles twice in one day shouldn’t be that bad.

FIRST 10 MILER Went out with some run buddies. Thank goodness for the peer pressure since my legs didn’t want to move at first. Before I knew it though 6.5 miles passed and I made it back home feeling strong. TIME: 1:28:30 (8:45 min/mile pace)

SECOND 10 miler – All alone. Boo! Some company would have been nice. Oh well. My legs were sore from the hills this morning and not pleased with the hilly route I picked out for the evening run. I used this run to practice run-walk-run transitions like I may experience through water stops (taking more walk breaks than I would in an actual race). This way my mind and legs are used to having to run again after breaking pace and walking for a bit. 1.5 miles (walk 90 seconds); 1 mile (walk 60 seconds); 2 miles (walk 90 seconds); 1 mile (walk 60 seconds); 2 miles (walk 90 seconds); 1 mile (walk 60 seconds); 1.5 miles. And just like that, 20 miles for the day was accomplished! TIME: 1:38:23 (9:50 min/mile pace).

Saturday- YOGA. 90 minute Vinyassa class to end the week. I am fine with the “strength” parts of yoga thanks to my love of lifting. I am AWFUL at anything requiring flexibility. Today I was introduced to “Double Pigeon”. Uhh, my shins don’t come anywhere close to being staked on top of each other. OUCH.

Do you do yoga? How long did it take before you felt decent at it?



10 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 8

  1. Allison @ PickyEatingRD says:

    I am the exact opposite when it comes to yoga. I really struggle with the strength aspect of things but I am very flexible from being in gymnastics all those years. My arms are nearly always shaking when I move into warrior 2… its kind-of funny…but sad too haha.

  2. 5ksandcoffeebeans says:

    I just discovered this blog and I’m so excited to follow along! I am in complete awe of your TWO ten-mile runs in one day. I have been struggling to “train” for a 5k (embarrassing confession? I think yes.) I am quite impressed and inspired.

    I am definitely a huge fan of yoga and took classes at school. In the beginning it is incredibly rough. You feel RIDICULOUS and wonder how you’ve managed to bend over to tie your shoes being so inflexible, but once you get stronger and learn to center and balance yourself it is such a wonderful experience! Within the first couple of months, I noticed MAJOR differences and felt like I actually was able to hold my own!

    Looking forward to following along now 🙂

  3. Kailey says:

    I seriously admire that you can go out and run 10 miles twice in one day!! That is amazing Tanya! Glad to hear that this week wasn’t as bad as week 6 🙂

    Loved catching up with you yesterday!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love double pigeon!! It’s an awesome stretch for runners and way safer (imho) than its cousin, pigeon.

    I joke that I’m the least flexible person in my yoga classes, including the guys. And you know what? I don’t care. 🙂 Every time I step onto the mat, there’s the opportunity for a different experience, so let go of expectations that you have for yourself and your teacher, and be in the moment.

    GREAT job with Friday’s double — super impressed!

  5. Hayley (Oat Couture) says:

    Love that quote! And hold up… you did TWO 10 mile runs in one day?!? Holy s**t! That’s hardcore! Hat’s off to you love! I do yoga occasionally, used to be more often but it wasn’t very accessible in Cyprus so it kinda tailed off. I’m fine with the flexible parts but if I have had a long break I struggle holding some of the strength poses…

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