August 12 in 2012 Recap

July didn’t see much of a dent in my 12 in 2012 To-Do List . August was MUCH better. But before we get to that, let’s announce the winner of the ZICO Coconut Water Giveaway….

Using the lucky person is, commenter #4 – Sean.

Congrats and be sure to check for an e-mail from me! Now on to the 2012 Bucket List goals that got worked on this past month.

#3 – Run my first marathon: I have recently passed the halfway point in my training. You can catch up on my progress each week in the “Marathon Motivation Monday” posts.

#5 – Go on 12 hikes: 2 more hikes added to the list, bringing me to a total of 6 for the year. Both of these hikes were in Acadia National Park in Maine. Most of the trails in this park are short, but because they are interconnected it is possible to tie a few together for a longer trek.

The 5th hike was a combination of several trails. Along the cliffs on the ocean, up Gorham Mountain, and then up the “Beehive”, one of the more well-known “trails”. I use the word “trail” loosely because this one basically requires climbing straight up rocks.

The 6th hike was up Cadillac Mountain, one of the longer and more popular routes with great views of the park and ocean.

#9 – Cut my PB Intake to 2 Jars per Month: Got it under control for the 8th month in a row.

#10 – Make a list of all of my commitments, obligations, etc and the prioritize them and remove some: With the semester starting this past Monday it seemed like the perfect time to list out what I need to accomplish each week. In addition to my school work, teaching and research responsibilities I included those pesky unavoidable things which suck our time that can’t simply be removed (Commuting, Cleaning/Chores/Errands, Food purchasing & Prep, Hygiene/Grooming/Getting Ready, Sleep, etc), and then I finished it off with the non-“required” items that I do as well (Working Out, Professional Service & Volunteer Work, Blogging, and Church-related activities), bringing me to a grand total of 190 hrs/week, sans any sort of social activity/pure lazy time.

Okay, that kind of seems like a lot of hours, let’s see how many hours are in a week…. 24 hrs x 7 days/wk = 168 hours in a week. Uh oh! Obviously I don’t have the ability to devote the necessary time to everything (maybe why my room is a mess, I have an emergency stack of frozen meals in the freezer, and the balance on my Starbucks card is declining at an alarming rate….)

Now that I know where I stand it is time to go in to the list in detail and prioritize/come up with a plan that allows me to get my work done, be involved in blogging/volunteer/service activities, and still get enough sleep, have strong workouts and perhaps even some non work-related human interaction.

#11 – Make my own sushi: Check. Mission accomplished. Before I went on vacation to New England I bought a Groupon for a Sushi 101 class at Samba Sushi. It was so much fun to learn and practice how to make the ultimate rolls! Here is a shot of the leftovers I created.

#12 – Visit 2 National Parks I have not yet been to: My vacation at the start of this month brought me up to Acadia National Park for a few days of hiking and relaxing with my mother. We also went sea kayaking and dined at some awesome restaurants in Bar Harbor. I highly recommend going to 2 Cats for breakfast/brunch and Eden Vegetarian Cafe for dinner if you are in the area. Just need to visit 1 more National Park in order to check off this item for the year!

Did you accomplish what you wanted to this summer? What are your goals for the fall season?



13 thoughts on “August 12 in 2012 Recap

  1. Kate says:

    Tanya, I always have to laugh at your PB intake, I am in the same boat with ya sista ha ha. My dad grew up in New England and we had a summer cabin on Great East Lake in Maine, so I have really apprecaited hearing your updates and seeing pictures, as there is a big place in my heart for it 🙂

    • Umariyah says:

      From a reader:Dear Father,Thank you for your wofndreul blog. I had a very meaningful Lent withyour encouragement podcasts and particularly with the beautifulStations of the Cross which I was unable to attend in church.Great photo of Holy Innocents where I attended Mass and Vespers today.Very grateful for all your work there as well the others priestsand dedicated young menI wish you a joyful and blessed Easter Season.____Parishioner of _____ NYC, attend Mass on Saturdays at HolyInnocents as well as vespers and First Friday Vigils

  2. EA Stewart (@TheSpicyRD) says:

    Sounds like some great accomplishments this summer! I would love to visit Aradia National Park some day, as it looks like a beautiful area. My summer accomplishments were few, but I did manage 1 camping trip with my kids, although I was hoping for more. Now that the kids are back in school, I hopefully can cross a lot more off my to-do list 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    what a great year! i need to make it up to acadia-so gorgeous!!! i love love love that you listed all the hours it takes to do everything that you do. I hope you can decompress a bit!

  4. plateitnclimb says:

    This summer was awesome! Lots of new experiences! I am jealous of your hiking adventures that is something I am beginning to love since going and climbing all around Europe! This fall I want to be a more active member of the community. That means becoming more social!

    • Jano says:

      Beautiful and holy things at Holy Innocents, Father Z!Yes, that pall is enerustcd’! Gorgeous! Never saw gems that big on anything other than a chalice!Palms look lovely, too-just like in Rome! Very artistic!

    • Abhyash says:

      CuteGirl /There are some interesting potins in this video but I don’t know if I see all of them. There is clear understanding and I will look into it further. Good blog, thanks and we want more! I added to you to FeedBurner btw

  5. teri@managedmacros says:

    You are living up to your words!! I am still plugging away on my 12 list too. I love your sushi 🙂 and the pics of your hikes, you are blessed to live in such a beautiful region! You are an inspiration!!!

    • Asanda says:

      If you were to move from godaddy today. where would you move to or would you.I am tnnikihg of getting a dedicated server through go daddy, but now sure if that is a good route to go.I welcome your thoughts Curtis Reddehase recently posted..EAST East Austin Studio Tour

  6. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    What beautiful photos from your hikes – it sounds like that goal is going pretty amazingly! Your sushi looks great too 🙂

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