Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 9

Apparently I got a bit ahead of myself last week when I told you I had an 18-miler planned for the end of this past week. My scheduled long run was actually a 14-er. Oops! Anyways, here is my motivation for the current week:

The return of lifting to my schedule this past week left me incredibly sore for my training runs. However, I think getting some strength back will only benefit me come race day, so suck it up legs, you can do it! 🙂

Week 8 Recap:

Sunday- Today was going to be a rest day as my legs were still feeling the 20 miles from Friday and I was a busy bee getting work done in preparation for Monday. However, I ended up needing to get some physical activity in so I took my latest running purchase, New Balance Minimus 20 Trail shoes, out for a spin. Since this was my first adventure with a minimalist shoe I kept the run short and plan on slowing building up my “tolerance” to them. I certainly noticed a difference in my stride immediately, and soon enough my calves were killing me!!

Monday- Lift Legs and run 5 miles. Now that the semester is back in swing I have access to a gym again. After doing Crossfit all summer where I only put weight on my back ONCE to squat, my 85# warm-up set of back squats felt more like 140#. My run later that afternoon was BRUTAL. My legs were trashed from a combination of Friday’s 20 miles, yoga bending them in ways they don’t want to go, the date with the Minimus shoes yesterday, and the 1st hard leg day in quite some time. It was slow (I didn’t time it), but at least 4 miles of it were with some of my run group which helped me fight through!

Tuesday- Off.

Wednesday- Lift upper body and Run 8 sets of Yasso’s 800s. I really can’t explain how good it feels to be in the weight room again doing what I want, not what the assigned “WOD” is. I was starting to feel weak, so getting back to what I know works for my body and what will help me stay strong through the last half of marathon training should be a good thing! (Even if my legs hate it right now). Today’s run was another meet up with Yasso’s 800s. Run 800 m in 4 minutes, jog for the time the 800 took, x 8. I LOVE these types of workouts. If I had finished all of the 800s in 4 minutes this workout would have taken 60 minutes, however I have been getting them done faster than that, so it only took me 56:15. Next time Yasso and I cross paths it will be for the full 10 reps, and I am ready for it!

Thursday- Off

Friday- 14 miles. My run group had a mock 13.1 planned to help us test ourselves. This would have been a fantastic idea, except I forgot the determined “course” and went off route multiple times, eventually getting myself totally lost in the last few miles. I ran some sprints at the end when I finally found my way to our finish line to make sure I got to 14 miles, but since I don’t have a fancy watch I really can’t tell you how far I ran or what my pace was. This is why I generally only run “out-and-back” routes. Otherwise, I get lost.

I feel slower and weaker than I have in the past for half marathons. Is a 4 hr marathon possible for me right now?? Time will tell….

Saturday- YOGA. People who say “impossible is nothing”, have clearly never tried to do yoga with their dog around. I will be returning to the studio to end this current week so that a) an instructor tells me what to do and b) I don’t have a 4-legged furball licking my face and jumping on top of me.

How do you remember where you are supposed to run? Scribble the route on your hands? An innate sense of good direction and ability to remember every turn?



9 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 9

  1. teri@managedmacros says:

    This is a good question!!! My boyfriend runs with his phone with an app that you can pre-program your run. I do not like to run with my phone…so I will write my route on a piece of paper and stick it in my ipod case and pull out incase I forget which way to go!! I plan the route first on Map My Run….you can then send it to your phone. Yoga with a dog. That has to be priceless!!!

  2. Abby says:

    I usually only run on roads, so before a first time run, I drive it. However. . . getting lost in new cities/towns is my favorite way to learn my way around!

  3. Colton St. Peter says:

    What if I am already sore today…I think tomorrow I’ll kick “sorry’s” butt and just feel awesome!

    A friend and I got lost running in June, so we just kept running until we found a familiar spot again. The 40 minute run turned into an hour and a half but it was still fun. As you know, I now am using the Ironman Timex gps. It (as with other types?) lets you make waypoints, tracks your route, etc. Haven’t needed it to find my way back, but looks like it would work well.

  4. Taylor Ryan (@femininemuscle) says:

    When it comes to my runs, I have a pretty good sense of direction since I run in downtown charleston, it’s like a big grid. I love just winding up and down the roads and finding new areas, I never map out a run to be honest. When i try a new neighborhood I normally end up lost, one time a 6 miler turned into almost 9 because of my poor planning!

  5. David H. says:

    I never plot out my routes – it gets way too boring for me. As for feeling slower/weaker, I think that’s just a normal thing in the middle of a training cycle. I saw a lot of people with horrible runs this past weekend, including myself, but I have found that it’s best to just move beyond them and focus on then next one. Your 800s will be a better indicator of where you stand with your goal rather than your long run.

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