Marathon Motivation Monday: Week 10

Only 1 month away from the marathon, but so many work/school deadlines and some travel for a wedding stand in-between now and then. I am on pure survival/get the work done and try to keep up with the runs as best I can mode. Fingers crossed I can manage it all these last 5 weeks!

Week 9 Recap:

Sunday- 8 miles. Decided to swap out the 8 today with Monday’s 6 miler since I was tight on time. 35 minute run in the New Balance Minimus 20 Trail shoes, this time actually on a trail and with the Oakley dog! Ouchie! Feel the burn in the calves again, although not as quickly as I did in my 1st go around the week before.  Then dropped the pup off, switched shoes and went out for another 25 minutes, to make sure I got a total of 6 miles in for the day.

Monday- Lift Legs and run 8 miles. My knee was really hurting quickly in to my run. Luckily I was at the gym already running on the indoor track, so I just decided to do 80 minutes of miscellaneous cardio instead so as to not aggravate it further.

Tuesday- Off.

Wednesday- Lift upper body and run: 10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 100% effort, 10 minute cool-down. Knee was still hurting so I did a 5,000 m row in its place. I was super short on time, but managed to squeeze in a quick upper body lift as well.

Thursday- Off

Friday- 16 miles. Went out in the AM with of my labmates who is also training for a marathon. Actually felt pretty good! There were some hills that had my lungs and legs burning, but other than that no big issues. Still getting side cramps too soon (35 mins) in to these long runs, but I had a much better experience in terms of my nutrition on this run. Ate some chocolate-covered coffee beans, and while they are dry and need to be washed down with water or Gatorade, they sat pretty okay in my stomach….which is a vast improvement from my 16 miler back in Week 6! I’ll take it! TIME: 2:27:29 (9:13 mile pace). A much-needed mental victory as race day approaches!

Saturday- YOGA. First experience with Hot Yoga. Hmm, it was okay, but I like the Vinyassa I have been doing better. If I am going to sweat that much I would rather actually be working hard, not just hanging out in a hot room. Maybe I will give it a shot during the winter instead as it could just be that I have no desire to be in a hot room when it is still hot and humid outside.

Anyone else munch on “odd” things like chocolate-covered coffee beans during a run instead of the traditional chews, gels, and dried fruit?


P.S. – Come back tomorrow for an AMAZING guest post that I am very excited to share with you all. We will be getting a quick and effective strength workout that is ideal for runners! The woman walking us through this workout makes me insanely jealous. She has done it all in the “fitness” world from competing in traditional road races, to figure competitions, to strong woman contests, and is currently training for a half marathon. So be sure to come back tomorrow when the guest blogger (and her workout) is revealed!


5 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday: Week 10

  1. Samantha says:

    Do you think it is the shoes or do they need to be broken in (more of a trail runner here so I am curious about the shoe).

    That is great about the long run! Actually, chocolate covered coffee beans sounds pretty darn good. I can’t imagine handling dry fruit.

    Because I don’t distance race I can only equate this to some strenuous hauls I do hiking and I definitely fall into the group that has to eat minimally if at all or I will puke. There used to be the vegan gummy bears that were effectively easy sugar and I did really well with. Some of us were making our own agave/instant coffee concoctions (some salt – really important) in squeeze bottles and I do REALLY well with that.

    From a friend of mine – I should make this again soon. I have never had something sit as well with me and it would be the first thing I would try on a long run:

    “So, in making the 300 gram tube full, I have a one cup cup which has mL marks, thus converting: 300 g = 214 mL. thus 75% Brown Rice Syrup is 160 mL, and 25% Agave Nectar is 54 mL. then they say one (1) teaspoon sea salt, which kills my mouth, so I reduced that to 1/2 teaspoon, and added one (1) rounded teaspoon Instant Coffee crystals, in a very small amount of water to reconstitute salt and instant coffee. The suggestion was to use various flavors to cover the salt. One other was Rum. Since my stomach turns with alcohol, coffee was it.”

  2. Heather C says:

    So glad the 16-miler went well! Those mental victories, especially on Long Runs, are HUGE milestones. I’ve wanted to get my hands on some chocolate-covered coffee beans ever since I read Dean K’s first book (Ultramarathon Man) – that guy swears by them and he’s obviously magic. I usually do 1/2 a Larabar or Pure bar, but have also tried honey packets (not huge on ‘sweet’ things, though – prefer salty), baked potato chips & pb+tortilla rolls in the past.

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