Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 12

A little late getting this one up as I have been traveling all day without any solid internet connection. Taking a train from Boston to Virginia seems like such a great idea at first – a solid 12-14 hours to get work done – but by the end of it I find myself going a bit stir crazy! Anyways, my motivation for this week is simple:

I have reached the “taper” portion of my training schedule and I want to put in quality miles this week and finish it off with a strong effort at a 10 mile road race this weekend.

Week 11 Recap:

Sunday: 6 miles. I worked on negative splitting today which is something I never do and am totally awful at. Ran the first two miles at ~9:30 pace, the second two miles at ~9:00 pace, and the final two miles at ~8:30 pace. Final Time: 53:55 (~9 min pace).

Monday: Yasso’s 800s x 10. (Run 800 m in 4 minutes, jog slowly for the time the 800 m took, repeat x 10). This was my last go around with this workout after building up from only 4 reps earlier in the program. I LOVE this workout, even though it intimidates me going in to it. I again finished ahead of schedule (i.e. – ran all the 800s faster than 4 minutes) and felt awesome! TIME: 67:36 (would have taken 76 minutes if I stuck to the 4 minute pace). Supposedly this workout has “magic” abilities to predict your marathon finishing time, but based off of the pace I hold for my long runs I doubt it!

Tuesday: Off. Wanted to get a lift in, but no such luck.

Wednesday: 10 minute warm-up, 3 miles at 80% effort; 10 minute cool-down. Ehh, I did it. Barely. Was short on time and stressed and exhausted from the week (I know, by Wed, sad, huh?) but did get it done. TIME:?? Don’t know. Forgot the watch.

Thursday: Off.

Friday: 21 mile long run! Did it in the middle of the day after arriving in beautiful New Hampshire. 3 miles solo, 6 with some fabulous company, and then 12 solo. I felt REALLY good until the last 4.5. I had also run out of water by the 15 mile mark and had to duck in to a gas station and buy some Gatorade! TIME: 3:26:30 (9:50 mile pace). I think that run gave me the confidence I need to take on the whole 26.2! (How hard can it be to just tack on another 5.2 miles, right??) 😉

On a side note I was wiped out following the run and had a hard time making it through the rehearsal dinner later this evening!

Saturday: Yoga or Cross-Train. Dancing in high heels at a wedding reception counts as Cross-training, correct? Yes, it does? Perfect. That is what I did.

How do you rally to be social and energetic following a long run or tough workout?



6 thoughts on “Marathon Motivation Monday – Week 12

    • Rykho says:

      I think it’s a great plan while you are not working towrads any particular race. Base training/maintaining is important and you could totally be on to something here!!! Good luck!

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