Run With Me – Blue Ridge (Half or Full) Marathon Giveaway

Hello, hello. Happy Monday! I am happy to report that I survived the Baltimore Marathon over the weekend (recap coming soon) and now it is time to celebrate! In true blogger fashion that means a giveaway. This time it is not food I am offering you, but entry in to either the Blue Ridge Marathon or Half Marathon, your choice, on April 20, 2013 in Roanoke, Virginia.

Last year a friend asked me if I wanted to run this with her. I said a hesitant “maybe”, and was then relieved to inform her that we would be out-of-town for a conference that weekend. Since moving to this part of the country I have only heard how challenging this race is. With over 7,234′ of elevation change in full marathon and over 2,500′ in the half, this race has certainly earned itself the title of “America’s Toughest Road Race”. Basically this race consists of running up and down three different mountains and is known for making 3:10 marathoners happy with crossing the finish line in under 4 hours.

However, anytime races involve tackling large hills or mountains it is nearly always a guaranteed gorgeous view, and the Blue Ridge Marathon is no different.

You also get to run by the “famous” Mill Mountain Star. You may remember I ran up to this during a trail race in the Spring.

Finally, the folks in charge of this race (all volunteers) do such a great job that last year they received a 100% satisfaction rating. Seasoned runners can attest to how rare that is since there is generally always something someone can and will complain about regarding how a race is organized and executed! (ahem,  DC Hot Chocolate 15/5K 2011)

As an “Official Blogger” for the upcoming Blue Ridge Marathon it is time I put on my big girl pants and tackle this local race. I am still debating between the full and the half at the moment (winter = ski season, not marathon training season in my mind), but either will be a challenge! So won’t you join me?

To prove you are “Tough Enough” and enter to win, simply leave a comment telling me you are game (and just for fun, what makes you ‘tough’) by Saturday, October 20th. Winner will be announced Sunday, October 21st.


Disclaimer: As an official blogger for the Blue Ridge Marathon I have been provided with a free race registration myself.


36 thoughts on “Run With Me – Blue Ridge (Half or Full) Marathon Giveaway

  1. Anna says:

    I got that Tweet and You KNOW I am game! Love doing races in my hometown…the “Star City of the South!”

    What makes me laugh? Passing cute dressed up dogs on my long runs!

  2. Korie says:

    Since I tried to talk you into it last year, I suppose I could come back and run it with you this year. I’m tough because I going to conquer Mill Mountain without leaving in an ambulance this time

  3. Emily says:

    Hey I just started reading your blog! Looks like we’ve been at some of the same races – I just did Baltimore as well. My friends have been trying to talk me into Blue Ridge, and I think I’m game. I’m tough because I’ll have to run it just 2 weeks after Umstead 100!

  4. kelsea says:

    I love the blog, and I’d totally be game. Tough is not giving up on power lifting after having a 100+lb bar come down on your thigh while maxing out. I had a pretty bruise for about 2 weeks, but I still love to do cleans.

  5. KBowers says:

    Already registered! (Took advantage of the 50% off code I got for running the half last year.) The half is REALLY fun, and not really as hard as it looks. If you want to be a beast, you’re gonna have to do the full with us. I’m using it to train for my first full-distance Ironman!

  6. Emily says:

    I ran the half last year and had to walk a little up the mountain. I would love to prove I can run the whole half this year. I am tough because I have 3 kids and still try to find time to run!

  7. T. Laurel says:

    THE FULL THE FULL! I testify it is a good/fun race with great supporters- except the sidelines lie…don’t ever believe it when they say it is the last climb- there is ALWAYS another one- until you see the railroad tracks.I am tough because….I did Roanoke Full last year in prep for my first ultra- 50 (not quite as brilliant as what Emily about to do- but tough for me!).

  8. Erin says:

    I’d love to run this half and would consider possibly the full! As a runner who 8 years ago would stop and walk every hill (even the slighest inclines), I think I’ve “toughened up” as I can run pretty much anywhere in Blacksburg and hold onto a decent running pace. I’ve trained for 3 marathons in Blacksburg and I feel the terrain gives us an advantage at most races that can’t compete with the hills we get around here! I’m eager to push myself further on hill training and tackle the Blue Ridge!

  9. Liesl says:

    I truly understand how tough these Blue Ridge mountains are to navigate, as I live and train in the very heart of New River Valley. The location has definitely offered an advantage to prepare for just about any race in the country – those “hills” (a.k.a. foot bridges) in a race in Tampa, FL are nothing compared to the climb up Clay St. Blacksburg has toughened this Jersey girl – so tough that it’s helped me transform from a couch potato who could barely walk up a flight of stairs, to a strong woman, 90 lbs lighter, training for my first marathon (my final long run of 20 miles is TOMORROW!!). My personal goals have toughened and now I can see there are very few limits to what I can accomplish if I take proper care and train my body correctly. With that said, I think I’d opt for the half in this series this year because a.) I need to get through my first marathon before I commit to my next and b.) I will be planning/recovering from a March wedding, so that extra training time for THIS full will be tough, in and of itself 😉

  10. Alexis Batausa says:

    What makes me tough? Sacrificing a lot of my time to be there for my sick parents and still manage to train hard and do races. I dedicated several of my races to my mom and friends who were injured or have been ill due to cancer. I dunno, I just had that will, focus, positivity in my mind that things will go well but they didn’t seem so at all. Now, I’m helping train other individuals for the first half marathons and getting my community involved in our local 5K races we put on. My friend Laurel from Blacksburg, VA wanted me to comment on this so I kept it real.

  11. Jill Reeves Farar says:

    I currently live in North Carolina where I have run several half marathons. Last year I went back to my birthplace, Cicncinnati, OH to run my first marathon, The Flying Pig. I moved to Roanoke when I was four and call it home. I am a Blue Ridge Mountain girl. Following the path of my childhood, I want to make this marathon my 2nd. I have four kids ages 9-18 and I’m an assistant teacher in Kindergarten. I am 40 years young and I am tough!

  12. Eddy Horn says:

    I am definitely in to win. I am tough enough because I ran this race earlier this year, along with 9 other full marathons and a 50K. I still have the Marine Corps Marathon and the JFK 50 to complete to give me 13 races at marathon distance or further for 2012, I just turned 50 and was able to break the 4 hour mark on my last marathon (Freedoms Run Marathon) – much of which was run on the hills of the Antietam Battle Grounds. I am ready to tackle this course again. As with all other courses, I will own this course.

  13. kellyclyburn says:

    I am all in for the Blue Ridge full marathon! I had to drop out last year with just a few weeks to go because of a pretty serious bout of colitis that I just couldn’t beat in time. I was so disappointed!! I have been feeling really good, and am ready to begin training. It’s unfinished business!

  14. Danette Watt says:

    I would love to try the half marathon challenge. I’m running my first half marathon this Sunday (Oct 21) in St. Louis, the Rock and Roll half/full marathons. I”m excited and nervous but I’ve trained well with Fleet Feet in St. Louis and am ready.

  15. alfredo garcia says:

    I am game, since my 1st marathon was National College Blue Ridge Marathon, my 2nd marathon was labeled AMERICAS TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON, and my 3rd marathon was still AMERICAS TOUGHEST ROAD MARATHON! Why do I continue to run it? because the race doesn’t get easier the runner gets tougher! I love to run, because I love the challenge!

  16. Morgan R. says:

    I’m game! Im tough because I am 12 and have ran 3 half marathon’s this year, with a 4th on the way. <– ok so this is his mom, but he wants to run it with me, he just doesnt know it yet!

  17. EA Stewart, MBA, RD (@TheSpicyRD) says:

    Although I am not officially entering your very cool giveaway, I just want to send you a huge congratulations for being a marathoner. That’s awesome!!! I am definitely looking forward to the recap, and in the meantime, I hope you get some well deserved R & R!

  18. juliamielish says:

    I’m game for the race. I’ve been training here in Raleigh for a rather hilly 1/2 marathon and find that I really enjoy the thrill of getting to the top of a long climb. I’m looking forward to trying this out, especially since it comes with the benefit of being in Roanoke which is in one of the most beautiful parts of the Virginia.

    • juliamielish says:

      Forgot to mention what makes me tough. Running makes me tough! It gives me strength, and energy and makes me strive to do more in the world and with my life.

  19. Kim Thomas says:

    I’d love to win an entry! I teach kids with autism, which makes me one tough cookie! Running is my saving grace!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Great giveaway!

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