Evaluating Nutrition & Exercise Claims (iRunnerBlog Post)

Something that makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and rip my hair out is seeing posts/facebook status/tweets/news articles/etc providing inaccurate nutrition and exercise information. It frustrates me that the public is often trusting these “sources” (who sometimes seem credible thanks to the letters RD, MD, or PhD behing their name) to provide them with information, yet they are not getting the whole truth. Therefore I have come up with a 4 step system that you can use to evaluate nutrition/exercise/health information that you come across.

So head on over to the iRunnerBlog, where this month’s NutritionNerd column explores this topic!


4 thoughts on “Evaluating Nutrition & Exercise Claims (iRunnerBlog Post)

  1. Managed Macros says:

    As a RD I live in 2 worlds, the clinical science based world (my FT job) and then my holistic world of Managed Macros. The world of nutrition (medicine, health, you name it) will always come with two sides, it is highly controversial. Finding “facts” is hard to do when we live in a world of theory. We can’t even say “smoking will kill you” because that is not a fact. It ‘may’ shorten your life, right? I find in my private practice I do go with the underdog a bit, posting on research that is still unfounded or requiring more to support it but I feel there is such a world out there of unfounded health benefits still that will probably never surface as ‘science ‘based.’
    This is where I stand, if you hear cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar (merely an example but you really can’t find significant research to support it ask your self the pro’s and the con’s. Is there really any harm to myself in eating cinnamon? No, probably not and perhaps the real ‘healing’ will be from the power of suggestion. Be educated (like you said) is my take home advice. There are always two sides to the story, science based or holistic.

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