October 12 in 2012 and Marathon Recap

Oh my goodness, can you even believe there are only 2 months left in 2012? I did not think this year would fly by so quickly when I initially made this 12 in 2012 To Do List back in January, but here we are! So what progress has been made this past month?

#1. Run 6 trail races: Trail Race #5 has been checked off. I participated in the Into the Darkness 4 Mile Night Time Trail race for the 2nd year in a row. Last year I was not experienced with trail running, and certainly didn’t know how to tackle a race at night, which caused me to fall and scrap myself up. This year I knew what to expect, managed to stay on my feet, and improved my time by 2 minutes and 4o seconds! I was really happy with this as my hip has been giving me trouble even just walking post marathon, so I wasn’t even sure I would be able to run this a week later. Luckily my competitive nature kicked in and I pushed aside the pain for 4 miles of night-time single track!

RESULTS: 35:49 (8:57 pace). Overall: 66/513; Female: 6/264 ;Division: 2/52; Which was good enough to win me an awesome Halloween-inspired plaque! 🙂

Trail race #6 is scheduled for this coming weekend and involves me and the Oakley dog running as a team! I will let you know how Oakley’s racing debut goes!

#3. Run my first marathon: DONE. If you remember I was very sick leading up to the race and was questioning if I would be able to make it through. I made the decision to go for it, but my goal became “finish”, not 4:00. My final week of training looked like this:

Sunday: 2 miles, easy. The notes I kept for training read this: “Sickly, sickly. No fun. Yuck”.

Monday: 3 miles, easy and 6x 100 m strides. Nope. Could barely function, let alone make it three miles.

Tuesday: Off. Thank goodness.

Wednesday: 30 minute easy run & stretch. Ugh. Ran for 8 minutes…walked for 4. Awful.

Thursday: Off. Thank goodness…again.

Friday: 3 mile easy run and 10x strides. Uhh, I walked up ~ 3 flights of stairs in my hotel before needing to take a break…and a nap. That counts right? Oh dear, tomorrow is going to be rough.

Saturday: MARATHON. I took my meds, filled my fuel belt with cough drops and Kleenex, and just went for it.

  • Miles 0-6: Went fairly smoothly thanks to a new-found running friend who was doing the 1st leg of the marathon relay. (I was running exactly at a 9 minute pace through here.)
  • Miles 6-13.1: While running through the zoo I came across one of my local running buddies that I had trained with a bit, and chatted with her for these miles. She is speedier than I, but I took on her pace easily thanks to some conversation! My head started hurting around 8, so I was just hoping I could make it the rest of the way without my cold/flu/strep throat making me stop. Running buddy pulled ahead of me by mile 12. I crossed the half way point at an 8:48 mile pace…on track to run ~3:50 marathon.
  • Miles 13-20: By mile 16 I had fallen off pace, was starting the mental countdown of ” ‘only’ 10 more miles”. We joined with the half marathoners at this point and from there on out the course was CROWDED. (“Ugh, go away people who have only been running for 3 miles, I hate you all” was the mean thought creeping in to my head…I’m blaming it on the sickness). By mile 20 my hip was KILLING me and I was averaging a 9:28 mile pace. I had hip issues when I first started running long distances years ago, but I had no problems throughout this training cycle. Not running all week may have had something to do with this new onset?
  • Miles 20-26.2: I don’t really remember anything other than that I was in pain and the signs I saw saying “Only a 10K left”, “Just a 5K to go” were not helpful.

(Yes, that is a tissue package tucked into the strap on my tank top)

I crossed the finish line (finally) in 4:23 and change. Super disappointed in getting sick leading up to the race and missing my original goal time of 4:00. Hmm, guess I need to run another one!

#5. Go on 12 hikes: Hike #7 got checked off the same day as the night-time trail race. With foliage in peak season and having spent a lot of time cooped up inside working a quick hike to the Cascades was needed.

November is going to see me hiking quite a bit in order to get the last 5 in before the end of the year!

#9. Cut my PB intake down to 2 jars per month: 10 months down. 2 to go!

#10. Cut down commitments/responsibilities: I am working on not volunteering myself for things, since my automatic reaction is, “Oh you need someone to serve on a committee/review something/volunteer for an event, etc? PICK ME! I’ll do it!!” I have also decreased the blogging, and it will probably stay this way for the long-term!

Anyone else still working on their New Years Resolutions? Did you check any items off your own personal bucket list this year? Anything you want to do before the close of 2012?



12 thoughts on “October 12 in 2012 and Marathon Recap

  1. Kate says:

    Nice work Tanya, you have been kicking some serious butt and I am very proud of you! Way to finish that race with so many things that would have stopped so many people from doing it!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Congrats on the AG finish in the trail race! You know, as someone who has zero intent to ever run a full marathon, I don’t think it’s particularly mean to be annoyed at half marathoners on mile 3 when you’re on double digit miles. But, maybe I’m mean. 🙂

    Good luck with decreasing commitments, too. I’ve overcommitted myself for November and can’t wait until December!

  3. plateitnclimb says:

    I heard the into the darkness race is super fun! Congrats on your marathon, you are awesome for pushing through and your time is great! I really need to stop volunteering myself for everything and taking on too much. It is really starting to take a toll on life!

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I can’t believe you ran a marathon with a cold – what terrible timing for you. I think you deserve extra congratulations for that and the time is seriously impressive given your illness! Well done on the night race too, I love that picture 🙂

  5. Tiffany says:

    I love your goals! I was pregnant for most of 2012, and my goal was to keep pregnancy weight gain to the healthy range of 25-35lbs and I’m happy to say mission accomplished! It’s made the recovery period much easier. I’ll have to start brainstorming goals for next year. Thanks for the post!

  6. Heather @ Dietitian on the Run says:

    Congrats on the Baltimore finish! It may not have been the perfect day, but it will always be your first 26.2 mile adventure. You’ll learn from it for years – whether it’s in relation to training plans, race execution, taper prep, or just how to deal with the hurt that inevitably comes from pushing the limits. 🙂 On to the next goals!

  7. Brittany says:

    Wow your year has been amazing with these goals! I still think your marathon time is amazing, ESPECIALLY since you were sick!! A nighttime trail run sounds terrifying..there had to be lights so you could see right!? HA.

    • Tanya says:

      No lights on the trail, except for the photographer set up some lighting so he could get good shots at his location. Everyone was required to bring a flashlight and/or headlight with them. It gets a bit sketchy at times and a few people always get tripped up by rocks/roots!

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