Food Safety 101 (iRunnerBlog Post)

Hurricane Sandy wrecking havoc on the East Coast and leaving many without power reminded me of an important topic we have not yet covered here on iRunnerBlog: Food Safety. This topic is important year round, but special attention should be paid to it during emergencies when electrical power is lost and during food-centric holidays/gatherings (which happen to be right around the corner). Who wants to risk a food borne illness which could result in anything from mild discomfort, diarrhea and dehydration [which can negatively interfere with your training and racing schedule] to something more severe like hospitalization or even death? Not me…and if I had to guess, none of you do either! So let’s walk through some basic food safety guidelines….over on the iRunnerBlog that is, where November’s post is all about “Food Safety 101“.

P.S. – Review and Giveaway coming up in a few days, so check back soon! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Food Safety 101 (iRunnerBlog Post)

  1. Managed Macros says:

    Good back to basic reminders! Reminds me of my recent FB post on ‘violators of food safety.’ As a kid mom would take chicken out of the freezer and leave it on the counter all day long to thaw out! And the pizza thing, like you mentioned, very ‘norm’ to leave it out all night and eat it room temp the next day, meat and all!! Can you imagine now??

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