How to Help Others Meet Their Nutrition and Exercise Goals (iRunnerBlog Post)

Chances are you have seen your fair share of “How Keep Your New Years Resolutions” posts lately, so I will spare you another. Instead, let’s shift the thought process around a bit. It is well established that support from others is a key ingredient to achieving health-related goals. However, many times it is those who are in a position to be the most helpful who serve as the diet/exercise saboteurs (intentionally or not)! So what can you do to support the health-related resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call them of others in your life?


First and foremost I would say to not highlight the fact that it is “you helping them”. Rather I would suggest taking steps to make your typical interactions with them more ‘health-focused’ and extend invitations to activities you think would help them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. Head on over to the iRunnerBlog, where I give specific ideas in my monthly “Nutrition Nerd” column!


4 thoughts on “How to Help Others Meet Their Nutrition and Exercise Goals (iRunnerBlog Post)

  1. Be Well says:

    I agree that getting support from friends and family members is an effective strategy that will help people to achieve their nutrition and exercise goals. I like the second tip the most “Make exercising with you less intimidating.” I think it is easier for people to adapt to their exercise routines when are surrounded by friends who will cheer them on.

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