Chobani: New Product Alert

In case you have not noticed the addition of some new Chobani products in the yogurt section of your local grocer, let me give you a run down on what’s new for the famed yogurt company this year. If you didn’t happen to see them for yourself, you are not alone. I tend to be in “focus” mode at the supermarket. Get in, get what is on the list, and get out. Luckily Chobani reached out to me at the end of last year to see if I was interested in trying out some of their new products. Obviously I said YES! Every career has its perks, and sampling food products is the main one us RDs get. 🙂 Big thanks up front to Chobani for sending their yogurt my way!

Chobani Logo

I came home on February 14th (aka-Valentine’s Day) in a crabby mood. I had gotten ~2 hours of sleep, spent ~$1,000 in car repair bills, and suffered through an Immunology test all before noon and then was working until 9pm. It was a rough day. Luckily, some love from Chobani was waiting at my doorstep to cheer me up!

Box{Big Box Just For Me!}

Fridge Full{Chobani Stocked Fridge}

Info_Spoon{A Chobani spoon – so cool –  and info packet}


Joining the standard Greek Yogurt line-up are Pear (Non-fat) and Banana (Low-fat). After trying out the pear  flavor all I could think was “Why don’t I eat pears more often? They are delicious!”. Both flavors were wonderful, but I think Black Cherry is still my all-time favorite Chobani flavor!


Open Bite

These small (3.5 oz) yogurts come in at 100 calories each. Perfect for a small snack and sweet enough for dessert. Currently available in 4 flavors (Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips, Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips, Fig with Orange Zest, and Caramel with Pineapple Chunks). I was sent the Raspberry and Coffee varieties, which were both great. I may try to stick the last Coffee yogurt in the freezer and see if it would be an appropriate substitute for coffee ice cream!


A few months ago I posted about some of my recent favorite foods. On the list was the Muller Corner Yogurts, so I was excited to see Chobani Flips in my box full of Yogurt. I was able to try out the Almond Coco Loco and the Honey Bee Nana flavors. I didn’t think the Almond Coco Loco would be good since I am not much of a coconut person, but mixing almonds and chocolate in to coconut yogurt is actually pretty amazing! They have some other interesting, out-of-the-box yogurt flavors, such as Key Lime Crumble, that I am going to track down and try next!

Banana Flip


I don’t know why, but yogurt from a tube has always freaked me out a bit. While my classmates were downing Go-Gurt back in the day, I did not. That has stuck with my since childhood, so I passed the Tubes off to my advisor’s children to enjoy! Most kids seem to like eating yogurt from a tube, and since no spoon is involved it is probably great to pack in to lunch boxes, so check those out if your child is a fan!

If you find yourself face-to-face with any of these new products, I recommend trying them out. To make it easier to afford, coupons are available on the Chobani site!

Have you seen the new Chobani flavors? Which ones have you tried out and like the best?


Disclaimer: Samples were provided to me for free by Chobani. I was not expected to post a review, nor am I am compensated for doing so. My opinions are honest and my own.


10 thoughts on “Chobani: New Product Alert

  1. Andrea says:

    Hey Tanya! Great post – I’ll definitely check these out! Although, I wanted to ask what you consider a healthy amount of sugar in a single serving of yogurt? I know Stonybrook has gotten some flack for being loaded with sugar despite their organic image. I usually just get overwhelmed with figuring out what is and what isn’t too much sugar and buy plain and mix in my own honey or fruit. But I’ve met so many people who rave about Chobani! What are your thoughts on this?

    • Tanya says:

      Great question! I tend not to think about amount of sugar in individual products, but rather about total sugar intake throughout your diet in general. However, then it gets a bit tricky from a consumer standpoint because only total sugar is listed on packages, not the breakdown of naturally occuring vs. added sugars. The recommendation is to keep added sugar intake to less than 8% of total calories (aka 40 grams in a 2,000 kcal diet). Plain yogurt contains ~7 grams of naturally occuring sugar per 6 oz serving, so therefore to figure out the amount of added sugar in a particular brand/flavor just subtract about 7-10 g from the “sugar” amount listed on the package. Remember that fruit mix-ins will have naturally occuring sugar in addition to any sugar that is added. Looking at the ingredient list can be helpful in figuring out if a product contains added sugars by keying in to words like “fruit puree”, which probably means the peaches (or whatever) were mixed with a simple sugar. So therefore, having a yogurt with a higher sugar content is not problematic if that rest of your diet is relatively low in added sugars. However, for folks who tend to consume a lot of processed, sugary foods, they should probably stick with a more natural yogurt to avoid increasing their added sugar intake further.

      I like getting plain yogurt and adding in granola and sweetness on my own, but the convenience of individually-flavored, pre-packaged snacks in hard to beat! Plus, some of these flavors are seriously cool and my sweet tooth is a fan!

  2. austincfitness says:

    I got a chance to sample a few new flavors last time I went to the store. Greek yougurt is such a great alternative vs. traditional stuff, and I love that the companies like Chobani are continuing to expand. The owner (of Chobani) has an inspirational story for those who have not read about him.

  3. Julia says:

    I really love the Greek style yoghurts, but like most manufactured yoghurts, they do contain sugar ,which normally I try to minimize in my diet. I usually make mine own with a yoghurt maker, this way you can add fruit but not overdo the sugar.

  4. Peter says:

    I love all the new products out at the moment. I really love greek yoghurt it is great in cooking as well as an alternate to cream

  5. Victor says:

    Oh my goodness these things are awesome!!! You have to try the mango one. That’s my personal favorite, but the others that you listed were super tasty too.

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