Train Like a Wrestler: Part 2 – Lifeproof Workouts

I just realized I have only had 5 posts here at DDD since the start of 2013. My apologies. Things have just been busier than before. Sadly, this meant having to stop writing a monthly column over at the iRunnerBlog too. Bear with me another month and a half until the semester is over, and there will be much more here on the blog! 🙂

Anyways, we are back again with Gene of Z-Fanatical Fitness for Part 2 in the “Train Like a Wrestler” series. This time to learn about LIFEPROOF workouts and go through the Killer QuadZ LIFEPROOF, No Excuse Workout. What, you missed Part 1?? Don’t fret. Just go catch up here. Then come on back and get ready for a killer workout! Turning it over to Gene in 3…2…1!


I was torn between calling Z-Fanatical the “No-Excuse workout” and “LIFEPROOF Workout.” I still use these terms interchangeably. No matter how you slice it, Z-Fanatical cuts through all the nonsense and leaves you starring in the mirror. These workouts can be performed anywhere, anytime, by anyone!

Let’s face it, people are busy. You may have an hour commute to work, stay at home with a newborn child, travel often, etc. etc. Whatever your situation may be, the number one excuse people give to not working out is, you guessed it, TIME. There’s simply not enough of it in a day. If only we had more time in a day… To improve physically, your exercise must be improved in at least one of the three domains: Intensity (how hard you exercise), Frequency (how often you exercise), or Duration (how long you exercise). In the success equation, frequency is the truest constant. In other words, you must exercise often to see success. So what are we left with? Duration and Intensity. You have two options: (1) exercise at an easy intensity for a long period of time OR (2) exercise hard for a short period of time.

Back to your time dilemma. If there is not enough time (duration) in the day, then the only variable we are left with is Intensity. By default, you are left with option 2: exercise hard for a short period of time.

You still have one major excuse left in your bag of excuses – you don’t have equipment. Maybe the gym is out of the way, or you don’t belong to one. Your neighbors may have equipment, but you don’t own any. Bottom line- you don’t need gadgets or time to exercise- you need Z-Fanatical Fitness: 10-minute isolation circuits that require absolutely no equipment whatsoever. All you need to bring is your courage. This is why I like “No Excuse Workout’- lazy people cannot say a word.


But, maybe you’re not an excuse maker. Maybe you exercise frequently, but today you truly are hard pressed for time and you cannot make it to the gym. Z-Fanatical Fitness is your back pocket workout since it is indeed “LIFEPROOF.” Ahhh, that’s why I like using this term. No matter what circumstance life throws at you, you never have to miss your legs day again. (Sorry for that…well, not really). Z-Fanatical Fitness has eleven 10-minute workouts isolating different muscle groups including Abs, Arms, Legs, Butt, Cardio, and Plyometrics. Each workout isolates a muscle group while enhancing your cardiovascular endurance.

Here’s an example of how you would use it: You would own the “The Z-Factor: The Missing Link Between You and the Body of Your Dreams” or the streaming videos on and then use them on a day (or everyday) you are pressed with time. Maybe it is a Wednesday and you don’t have time to do your leg workout at the gym, but you know you need to. Now, you whip out your Killer QuadZ workout and knock that all out in under 10 minutes. Problem solved!

And, here is that very Killer QuadZ LIFEPROOF, No Excuse Workout. There are 4 exercises: Squats, Jumping Lunges, Side to Side Squats, and Stars. You will go through this series of exercises for a total of 5 sets, with a 10 second rest in between sets. Your reps depend on your level. If you are on the Amateur Level, you will perform 3 reps of each exercise, Bronze is 5 reps, Silver is 7, Gold is 10, and Fanatical is 10 with an additional 6th set. I would recommend you begin at the Bronze level, or 5 reps for each exercise. In time you will Jump Levels as you burn fat, get stronger, and build endurance. I demonstrate the regular workouts, while Z-Coach Amy demonstrates the modifications. A description of each workout is attached. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the workout. You will soon realize that simple is not the same thing as easy…enjoy:

1. Squats- Ready position. Sit back on your heels. Squat as deep as possible (this is how low you will squat each time). Return to ready position and repeat to the number of prescribed reps. Figure 1.a, 1.b modified.

1.a and bFigure 1.a                              Figure 1.b

2.Lunges- Ready position. Jump into a lunge with one knee coming an inch from the ground (2.1a). Repeat movement to the other side (2.2a). *Modified*- Lunge forward and bend the knee as much as possible without pain (2.1b & 2.2b). Perform the prescribed number of reps.

2.a and b

3. Side to side Squats- Ready position. Hands over your head. Squat to right side with right elbow pointing straight (3.1). The right knee should fall between both elbows. Squat as low as possible (this is how low you will squat each time. Repeat to the other side (3.2). Perform prescribed reps.


4. Stars- Ready Position. Bend knees and squat down as your heels raise up (4.1a). Bend as low as you can go (this will be where you will jump from each time).  Touch the ground with both hands at your side [if you can bend that low, if not, let your hands just fall to your side]. Jump up from your toes into the air with your hands raising up (4.2b). Perform prescribed reps. *Modified* Jump as high as you can (4.1b & 4.2b).

4.a and b

If you are looking for more of these workouts that can be performed anywhere, anytime, by anyone- the videos can be found at

Lastly, I realize that I can serve this solution  to time and equipment to most people on a silver platter…and they still will not use it. (Here is where we go back to the starring yourself in the mirror) You are left with one conclusion- your own laziness, lack of motivation, or lack of discipline. Call it whatever you like. But it is no longer time, equipment, or the gym- it’s you! With no excuses left, we have effectively boiled it all down to your mindset. You cannot expect to see results if your mindset is not working with you. You will be like a racecar driver with the emergency brake on. Z-Fanatical Fitness will provide you next time with the 2nd Secret from Wrestling: Mindset Training. Stay tuned..Stay FANATICAL!

Tanya here: Thanks Gene, you rock! Until next time everyone, your homework is to do this workout! In your home, your office, while waiting in line at the post office (seriously, those lines get LOOOONG)…whenever, whereever…get it in!


8 thoughts on “Train Like a Wrestler: Part 2 – Lifeproof Workouts

  1. Pat S says:

    I agree with you on the point about the need for intensity. We are oftentimes so short of time that. pushing on the intensity is needed. This set of exercises look great. I can do them right at home even when I am rushing for the day.

  2. Andy Green says:

    Super exercises. I hadn’t thought of the twisting squats so they are going into my workout routine. Star jumps are great for cardio work but I tend not to use them anymore. In striving for high intensity exercises my theory is that jumps waste time – I am not exercising while in the air.

  3. Kate says:

    There really are no good excuses. I have three kids, a busy husband, and I’m a freelancer. I used to tell myself: “It’ll never be a good day for a workout so I might as well do it today.” Now I feel horrible without a long run or some serious strength training. I’m the content curator at and I’d be honored if you’d submit this (and some of your other great posts) to our site. As a blogger-submitted photo gallery with a focus on fitness, Fit Framed offers a unique platform to reach new readers. Check it out. I’m hoping when your semester ends you’ll have plenty of time to submit some posts.

  4. Josh Carter says:

    This really is a great leg workout. I love all of the pictures. I have not done the twisting squats either. I will be trying these. I think that there are a lot of people that forget to implement these types of jumping exercises into their overall workout routine. Plyometric training like the jump squats you have in here are great for overall fitness. And of course I love them as a basketball player.

  5. Ted Baldwin says:

    The way I travel for business sometimes (like I’m in a hotel right now for a week), these exercises are awesome. No gym needed, and hotel exercise facilities are oftne mediocre – i’ll be using these

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