Try it Out Thursday: Fitness, Fluid & Food Edition

Introducing a new weekly post here on the blog today called “Try it Out Thursday”. Rules are simple: I will share something or a few things that I think you should give a try! This week in keeping with my much documented love for alliteration (i.e. – the name of my blog) we have the Fitness, Fluid & Food Edition.


For the ladies only this time…sorry guys! Finish Line and Nike have teamed up to start a Women’s Fitness Community on Facebook. This is a space for women to share our workouts, health and fitness goals, motivate each other, and so on. While it makes me a bit sad to see everyone posting about their runs and squat workouts when I am still in broken ankle land, I’ve already “met” some other wonderful ladies and would love to interact with all of you there as well. They have set up a discussion board, monthly challenges and MORE! Follow this link (Finish Line Women’s Community) and join in! Don’t wait because up for grabs in this month’s challenge to try a new workout are a few pairs of Nike Free Bionic Shoes!

FNL Women's Community_6_13_13


For whatever reason I had been struggling last week to meet my fluid needs. I always have a water bottle with me, but I just wasn’t drinking enough. I’d see it sitting on my desk and just not reach for it! Cut to 3 am when I would wake up feeling very dehydrated and need to chug some water. Not when and how I want to wake up. Following that, I found myself downing a bunch of water too close to heading to sleep…which of course also results in several middle of the night wake ups! Basically I needed to get it together. In the past I have set alarms on my phone or email alerts to go off in intervals to remind myself to drink throughout the day, but I wasn’t feeling that this time.

Enter my new solution: Pieces of post-it notes stuck to my water bottle with different times written on them. Need to get to a certain point by 9am, 11 am then refill and repeat for 1 pm and 4pm, and so on. It’s working well for me so far! If you struggle to remember to drink or get in enough fluids throughout the day, give this a try! 🙂



I came across PB2, this low fat, powdered, peanut butter product last year and it has since been a staple in my house. I use it in oatmeal, smoothies/shakes, peanut stir fry dishes, and the list goes on. Very versatile and only 45 calories per 2 Tbsp (vs. ~200 kcals in traditional peanut butters). The other night I was starving and a quick glance through my food log for the day told me I was in need of some more kcals. Only problem was I didn’t have much food in the house and didn’t want to eat food I had already prepped and portioned out for the next few days. Time to get “creative”! Voila – PB2 + chocolate “cookie” dough was born…and tweeted about!


Quite simple and VERY delicious. PB2 (reconstituted with water) and chocolate chips. Microwave ~30 seconds and stir. There is no real recipe here. I have found a 4:1 ratio  of PB2 to chocolate chips to work out great (aka 4Tbs PB2 + 1 Tbs chocolate chips or 8 Tbs Pb2 + 2 Tbs chocolate chips).

Two tips: 1. Mini chocolate chips melt quicker so use those if you can.  2. Add a bit of extra water to the PB2 initially so it is a bit thinner than normal!

PB2_Choc_6_13_13{It’s not pretty…but it’s A-MAZ_ING}

There you go – 3 things for you to try out before next week. So get on it! :-).

What would be your “Try It Out” tips that fall in to the Fitness, Fluid, and/or Food category right now? Please share, I love to hear your suggestions!


Disclaimer: I am compensated for my involvement in the Finish Line Women’s Community. My comments/opinions are honest and my own. PB2 did NOT ask me to mention their product. I did it because I use it and like it.


11 thoughts on “Try it Out Thursday: Fitness, Fluid & Food Edition

  1. Kailey (Caffeinated Runner) says:

    Good thing I have PB2, Chocolate chips and Mini chocolate chips in the pantry 🙂
    Such a genius idea!! I’ll have to check out the online community – sounds like a great way to find some strengthening routines/exercises since I am still a newbie!

  2. sklloyd15 says:

    OMG Tanya I love this new posting! I am definitely going to check out the facebook community! It sounds awesome! I only drink water at meals and I want to change that, but in the lab I forget because I am pipetting. I might have to do some experiments. I know my mom will like your post it idea! pb2 is awesome! Kailey and I put it is plain yogurt, soooo good!

    • Tanya says:

      Wet lab work + eating and drinking on normal schedules just doesn’t happen. I would keep a water bottle (and coffee, duh) outside the lab since we had a gym lab and offices connected to the wet lab. But I still got dehydrated a lot. Maybe just set a drink timer that lines up with an incubation or other period?

  3. Brittany says:

    I still have not tried PB2, but I see it EVERYWHERE!! I have tried another powdered PB, and I was NOT a fan. I have been drinking so much water lately, but I definitely fell off the bandwagon for a while! Whatever it takes to drink drink drinnkkk!

    • Tanya says:

      Okay, so I should warn you. It is not the same as normal peanut butter. I don’t make it to eat on it’s own, but instead I sub it in for regular PB in recipes smoothies, etc! 🙂 Let me know what you think if you get it!

  4. Stephanie says:

    And, for more street cred, use duct tape instead of post-its on the water bottle! 🙂 It’s a super idea, actually. I merely try to drink one liter before lunch and a liter afterward!

    • Tanya says:

      haha, I’m going to do that. Need to keep my “street cred” up! 🙂 The duck tape will be much more durable than my sticky note system too haha

  5. Victor says:

    I’ve never seen PB2 in a store but it sounds pretty darn useful. Is it like protein powder? I throw my peanut butter protein in pretty much everything I eat including my veggies jk jk :P.

    And about the water, awesome idea! I never realized how tough it is to get my daily water intake because I never had a desk job until recently. But man I’ve been struggling with it so your tip sounds great 🙂

    • Tanya says:

      I guess the PB2 is a bit like protein powder! I do actually use it (or regular PB) with veggies – in stirfrys that is! peanut tofu anyone? 🙂

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