Try It Out Thursday: Baked Mushroom Chicken (Guest Post)

If you are a long time reader of this blog (or know me in real life) this title probably confused you. Why is Tanya, a vegetarian ,posting a recipe about chicken? The answer is simple – just because I choose not to eat something, doesn’t mean I feel everyone else should follow suit. Furthermore, Katy of Fitness Republic approached me with this guest post idea and I was eager to share a recipe outside of my diet with you all. Katy bills this as a “Doable and Delicious Recipe from the Countryside” – and with only 6 ingredients it meets my criteria for ‘doable’. Delicious? I’ll let you be the judge! While I realize it is currently summer and the fall/winter holiday season is probably not on your mind, tag this recipe as a possible substitute for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey (and pair with this Roasted Root Vegetable recipe)! 🙂 Turning it over to Katy!…

It’s always a pleasure to explore unique and exotic flavors of the countryside. This recipe has been tested and appreciated through decades as it depicts a simple and pure country lifestyle.

Baked Mushroom Chicken{Baked Mushroom Chicken}

• 4 cups of properly sliced or chopped mushrooms (either the tinned cans or fresh pieces)
• Butter about 3 tablespoons
• 6 pieces of boneless neatly cut chicken weighing 4 ounce (breast pieces or others)
• A quarter teaspoon salt and pepper ( can be varied according to taste and suitability)
• A half cup of chicken broth
• A quarter cup of sherry
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. The first step in preparing this dish is to cook the mushrooms in 2 tablespoon of butter inside a sauce pan until they become soft and mellow. Then you need to place the chicken pieces inside a properly greased baking dish and put the required amount of salt and pepper over it.
Now pour the molten amount of butter left over the chicken pieces. After this pour a mixture of broth and sherry over the chicken pieces. Now you need to add the cooked mushrooms over the top. Keep the dish in the oven for baking and allow the chicken to cook for around 20 to 25 minutes until the chicken achieves the resulting brownish color leaving its pink shade behind.

Author Bio – Katy offers her services as a professional consultant and trainer for Fitness Republic. Her innate knowledge on recipes and international cooking standards is a must-have for both veteran chefs and household cooks.

For all you meat eaters out there – Turkey or Chicken…which do you prefer?



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