I’m So Glad I Chose… {A Poem On Running}

Returning to running has been a physical and mental challenge. Thinking back to where I was with my mileage a year ago in the final prep for the Baltimore Marathon tends to get me down about my current mileage (read: VERY low). Each workout seems like an impossible task to complete and I am forcing myself to get out the door and do it. In addition, I haven’t gotten into a great mid-run euphoric groove…runner’s you know what I mean. However, by the end of each outing I am so glad I went instead slacking off and making excuses. In fact, during one of these runs I wrote a little poem about it and finally got up the nerve to share it here. My apologies to all professional writers and poets for potentially disgracing your life’s work. My guess is most of you can probably relate!


Another great written reminder to just GO is this sign I came across a few years ago courtesy of Nike. It may have actually been my Facebook profile picture at one point as well… 🙂

Nike SignThis week: No excuses. No hesitation. Commit yourself to your workouts and be fearless.


P.S. – My giveaway for entry into the 2014 Blue Ridge Marathon will begin on September 30th – so get ready! 🙂


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