New Year, New Granola: Ladera Granola – So Freaking Good!

Happy New Year everyone! I hate the saying, “New Year, New You” because why the need to attempt to reinvent ourselves each time January rolls around?!?! However, trying out new food products in the New Year (or actually at any point in the year) is A OK in my book! And… it just so happens that there is a new granola company hitting the shelves [and my stomach] and I am in LOVE! I received a bag of Ladera Granola‘s Original Almond Pecan on a Friday and had it finished off by Sunday…that’s how delicious it was. Slivered almonds, pecans, maple syrup and an array of spices took the standard whole grain oat base to a whole new level of granola goodness.

Ladera4Mainly I just ate it straight out of the bag because, ya know, if granola isn’t the perfect grab + go, on the run-type snack…I don’t know what is! I also added it to yogurt and enjoyed it as cereal as well. Yum, yum, and more yum!


I realize it’s fairly simple to make your own granola and completely customize it, but to be honest, when delicious granola is already packaged up I am more than happy to skip the effort and  just enjoy. Call me lazy if you will…I just prefer to call it a more efficient use of my time! 🙂 Why mess with success, right?

Ladera is still a small company, so you won’t likely see it on the shelf right now at your grocer unless you live in California. However, I have been told exciting news is on the way this year for the company, and I will be hosting a giveaway in the future for a lucky reader to try out some of this AWESOME granola and get as hooked as I am! In the meantime if you are still in the holiday spirit, check out Ladera’s Christmas Commercial! 🙂

Are you a granola lover? If so, do you make your own or grab the ready to go bags like me?


Disclosure: The Ladera Granola sample was provided to me free of charge. I am not compensated for posting about it. Everything I write is my own, honest opinion!


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