Sports Nutrition. Delivered – The Feed Review and Giveaway

    Recently a company that embodies several things I love – exercise, nutrition, Colorado, and convenience – came into my life and I am so excited to tell all of you about it. If you haven’t heard of The Feed before, allow me to introduce you!
The Feed Twitter
     This Boulder, CO based company houses all of your favorite sports nutrition products (plus items from smaller companies you haven’t yet heard of, but will be in love with once you try ’em) in one place. You pick from pre made boxes or design your own and voila, every month all of the gels, chews, bars, nut butters, protein powders, etc. you need to fuel your active life are delivered to your door step. Bonus – you get a discount ordering via The Feed verse buying these items at a grocery store or typical sports store. I don’t know about you…but the amount of times I have had to make last-minute runs out to the store to stock up on chews for the next day’s long run has always made me wish I just had a batch delivered regularly to my door. With The Feed…this is EXACTLY what happens!
The Feed Products{Just a handful of products The Feed carries}
     My box arrived the night before I headed off to Breckenridge for a ski trip – aka PERFECT TIMING! Fun fact – all of the boxes from The Feed come with personalized messages written on them…Nice touch! 🙂
The Feed Box
     So what was in my personalized box? Well…I told them some things I like and then said, surprise me with whatever…and I was not disappointed. Included were my go to Cliff Bars and Cliff Shot Block, although a new flavor I had never had before – Carrot Cake – was in the mix and made me wonder why I had never bought it before! Nom nom nom – Carrot Cake Cliff Bar, I love you! Also in the box, Honey Stinger (another Colorado-based company I love) products galore. Lemon waffle and limeade chews aren’t you a treat! Also, one can never go wrong when they hook me up with a Luna PB Cookie bar and Vega (plant-based sports nutrition company) products!
     As for some of the new-to-me products, I now have more favorites working their way into the circulation! As I always try to be as honest as possible with my readers, I will tell you that the Breeze Bars that were in my box were not too appealing to me. While I enjoyed the flavor of the Cocoa Espresso bar, I found them to be dry and hard. With all the bars on the market, these ones just won’t be making their way back into my house.
     Now for the newcomers I am impressed by…
  • Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter: I know that everyone raves about the Justin’s Nut butters, but to be honest I had actually never had any of their peanut butters before – just almond butters. Besides earning major points with this dietitian for being portion controlled and portable (airplane travel approved), they are also seriously delicious.
Justin's Nut Butter{Travel Snacks}
  • Go Macro Macrobar: At a filling 250 kcals this bar came in handy very quickly on my trip out to Colorado. With my 1st flight delayed I had to sprint to catch my connection to Denver which meant no time to grab the lunch I had planned out at the Charlotte airport. Thankfully I had some snacks stashed into my bag – including a Macrobar to hold me over until I landed in the Mountain Time Zone!
  • MacrobarSkratch Labs Exercise Hydration Singles – Powders that when mixed with water form uniquely delicious sports beverages. Flavors include raspberries, lemons and limes, and more. However my favorite Skratch Labs product in the mix – the Apples and Cinnamon, designed to be mixed with hot water to mimic hot apple cider! Now, I am a lover of winter. Snow, skiing, and even winter running are enjoyable to me. But…sometimes even my cutest cold weather running apparel isn’t enough encouragement to make me truly want to trade a warm bed for some frigid miles. The promise of a cup of get me going carbohydrates in the form of a cinnamon and apple tea however, did just the trick. Seriously…if the cold weather is causing you to hit the snooze button one too many times, get yourself some of these Skratch Lab drink mixes and get out there! 🙂
  • Skratch-App.-and-Cinnamon-Rip van Wafels – Saving the best for last. Imagine a Honey Stinger waffle meets a Tim-Tam (you know, those fabulous Australian cookies) and you have a Rip van Wafel!
rip-van-galleryThe instructions said to enjoy with a hot beverage and enjoy I did. Hot cocoa was by beverage of choice…but I think a coffee would have been just as appealing! Want to pack this for a snack mid-hike? Bring a Justin’s nut butter to squeeze on top! 🙂
Rip van Wafel
So, now for the giveaway. The Feed has generously agreed to create a box with all of my favorites (yes, the Wafels will be in the mix!) to be delivered to one lucky reader so you can try The Feed out yourself. Consider it our Valentine’s Day present to you! 🙂
     How to Enter:
  • Leave a comment right here telling me your #1 go-to sports nutrition product (mandatory)
  • On Twitter? Tweet out the following (or similar) with a link to the giveaway for an extra entry!: ” Did you know: @TheFEEDMe is giving a way a box of @NutritionNerd’s favorite goods! #SportsNutritionDelivered”

Contest closes Sunday, February 16th at 5pm. Winner announced on Monday, February 17th! Now, if you’ll excuse me…I must get back to day dreaming about my time in Colorado…

Breckenridge{View of Breckenridge from the condo}



22 thoughts on “Sports Nutrition. Delivered – The Feed Review and Giveaway

  1. Kristine says:

    My boyfriend and i absolutely love the carrot cake clif bar but we never see it anywhere (maybe because we’re in Canada) so we opt for the peanut butter or chocolate chip ones! I also make a great recovery smoothie with nut butter, greek yogurt, kale and blueberries!

    • Tanya says:

      I love Quest bars too! 🙂 I have heard about microwaving the chocolate chip cookie one but haven’t tried yet – usually just gobble it up post workout in the car!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love orange flavored Sport Beans! If I’m doing a long-run or race, I’ll pop 1-2 at every mile; great energy, and great incentive to cross each mile mark!

  3. Kim says:

    A) I LOVE Colorado! Have a great trip! And B) my favorite sports nutrition product is Quest Nutrition bars! Can’t get enough! And maybe some Justin’s peanut butter cups on top 😉

  4. Anne B says:

    Just saw this and would love to try something new! Gu KILLS me..but honey stinger chews have been working well! And quest bars are pretty good, zone protein isn’t bad either!

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