Pure PB: Powdered Peanut Butter Recipe and Giveaway

It’s no secret – I LOVE me some peanut butter. Specifically, I love the Krema/Crazy Richard’s brand of peanut butter. The reason: 1 ingredient. PEANUTS. No added sugar and salt like most other peanut butters you will see on the supermarket shelf. Need proof of my love? Well, check out what happens when Krema coupons are loaded to my Kroger card and there is also a double whammy of a sale…

I. Buy. ALL. The. Krema.

That’s 3 rows deep of natural peanut butter folks. Not pictured: the opened jar in my fridge. It’s an obsession I am perfectly fine with.

Krema Stock Up

Shortly after the last giveaway I had for Krema/Crazy Richard’s natural peanut butters, the great folks at Krema products informed me of an exciting NEW product they are set to release – Pure PB. What is Pure PB? I’m so glad you asked. Pure PB is powdered peanut butter – but in true Crazy Richard’s/Krema fashion does not have any ingredients besides peanuts!

The Label Comparison (per 12 gram serving):

Pure PB = 1.5 g fat, 3 g carbohydrate, 6 g protein, and 0 mg sodium vs. “Popular Powdered Peanut Butter” = 1.5 g fat, 5 g carbohydrate, 5 g protein and 94 mg sodium

Powdered peanut butters have essentially had the oil pressed out of them, making them much lower in fat than their conventional counterparts.

Pure PB jar

I will always prefer the taste of actual peanut butter over the powdered ones when consumed alone, but the powdered ones are great to use in a variety of recipes – especially when trying to lower the fat content of a meal! In the past I have used powdered peanut butters in my morning oatmeal, smoothies, mixed and melted with chocolate chips and in stir-fry dishes. When my shipment of Pure PB arrived, I quickly put it to use in those capacities and was NOT disappointed!

Pure PB

However, new product means it is time for a new recipe! With a surplus of zucchini needing to be put to use, I went with Raw Zucchini and Carrot “Pad Thai” with Spicy Pure PB Sauce.


  • 24 g (about 4 Tablespoons) Pure PB
  • 15 g (about 1 Tablespoon) Soy Sauce
  • 5 g (about 1 teaspoon) Rice Vinegar
  • Water to make sauce to desired thickness
  • Red pepper flakes to taste/spice preference!

Combine with ~ 2 cups each, zucchini  and carrots, peeled into noodle strips. Microwave and enjoy!

Vegetable Pad Thai with PB Sauce

The sauce was so good I may have actually drank the left overs at the bottom of my Tupperware….yah, guilty! This recipe has already been put into the regular rotation. Twice last week and in the line up for this coming week as well!

Up next on my “to make” list with Pure PB:

  • Peanut butter frozen yogurt. Mix with greek yogurt and freeze for a bit?
  • Flavored peanut butters. I love plain peanut butter, but sometimes the flavored versions call out to me. However, the ingredient list on those leaves much to be desired. Using Pure PB as my base would allow for easier incorporation of various flavors: Cinnamon-Raisin, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Cranberry-Almond…the possibilities are endless!
  • High protein peanut butter. I keep seeing different versions of these for sale from different companies. Basically they seem to just be a mixture of peanut butter and whey protein. Seems like something I could easily create on my own, but at a much lower fat level with Pure PB.

Enough of me blabbing – how can you get your hands on some Pure PB? Well, starting in September you should see Pure PB on store shelves as well as being available on-line at both the Krema/Crazy Richard’s website and on Amazon. If your store isn’t carrying it, just ask a manager to get it on the shelves for you! 🙂 Don’t want to wait until September? Understandable! So up for grabs to TWO Dine, Dash, Deadlift readers is the chance to WIN two jars of Pure PB before it hits the shelves.

To be entered: leave a comment with a recipe for using Pure PB. I want to know how you would use it…because essentially I want to steal your idea and put it to use myself! If you have a recipe already that you think Pure PB could be substituted in for another ingredient, help a girl out and post the link for all to see!

I will choose my 2 favorite recipe ideas* and Crazy Richard’s/Krema will send you your Pure PB gift pack! So put your creative hats on and start brainstorming some Pure PB recipes. Contest closes Saturday, August 23rd and winners will be contacted and announced Monday, August 25th.

*Contest only open to those 18 years of age or older and living in the continental United States.


Disclosure: Although I did receive Pure PB powdered peanut butter samples for free, all views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely and entirely my own and based on my taste preferences, education, and own unique experiences. I was not compensated for writing this post. Additionally, Krema/Crazy Richard’s peanut butter is a product I regularly purchase on my own, truly enjoy and I am happy to have the opportunity to team up with this company 🙂


19 thoughts on “Pure PB: Powdered Peanut Butter Recipe and Giveaway

  1. Marc says:

    Chocolate peanut butter icecream

    24 g powdered peanut butter
    20 g whey
    114 g nonfat Greek yogurt (can substitute 8 oz whole milk + yogurt for consistency)
    1TBS trader joes pure cocoa
    Freeze for 2-3 hours, mix occasionally to maintain consistency.

    Eat and enjoy 😉

  2. pmabe10 says:


    How about some Pure PB sweet potato/oat waffles!

    1/2 cup oat flour
    3 oz cooked sweet potato
    1 cup egg whites
    1-2 servings of Pure PB
    Sweetener/cinnamon to taste

    Mix all ingredients and put them in waffle maker. That’s something I would love to add it too!

    That’s one thing I’d love to use it for!

  3. Chrissy @ Snacking in Sneakers says:

    Mmmm….peanut butter. I’m sure I could think of a ton of easy ways to use this – smoothies, banana pb “ice cream”, etc – but I think it would work really well into the recipe below (found on another blog) which is one of my favorite dinners. It sounds kind of similar to your idea in the post, so I think you’d like it. 🙂


  4. heather says:

    Let’s see I would use this peanut butter to make peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. Oh and I put it on my chocolate ice cream yummy!

  5. Melissa says:

    Oh man! All these things sound great!!
    I love this recipe and have sometimes added PB to it:

    Dark Chocolate Cups:
    2 Tbsp Ghee or Unsalted Organic Butter
    2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Organic
    4 Tbsp. Dark 100% Cacao Powder
    4 tsp. Finely Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
    Pinch Celtic Sea Salt
    20 Drops Liquid Vanilla Stevia
    Freeze until hard
    aaaannnnnnnndddd the kicker: add 1/2 serving of Pure PB… Just kidding, the desired PB you would enjoy:)

  6. Wen says:

    Boil a bit of noodle and drain the water out. Add a spoon (or more, depending on your preference) of PB and mix it with some sesame oil. Add some chili oil if you like a spicy kick. Add some salt if you want the sodium, or leave it out to enjoy PB’s original flavors.

  7. Cheryl Free says:

    I would use Pure PB in these recipes from The Daily Meal:

    Apple Peanut Butter Cookies

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    Family-Favorite Peanut Butter Cake

    Molasses- and Peanut Butter-Glazed Ribs

    Peanut Butter-Banana Nut Pound Cake

    Perfect Peanut Whole-Wheat Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables Recipe

  8. Jason Predick says:

    Delicious n Easy: I would (and want to soon!) stir in some powdered Pure PB into some thick greek yogurt (experiment w/flavor combos 😉 ), add a little stevia or salt if you like a more salty PB, stir it up, and boom! You’re done! For a more ice-cream-ish touch, place in freezer for 10 or 15 mins. Mmm…

  9. lesliemirinda says:

    Chocolate PB Mug Cake!
    1 tablespoon plus 2 tsp cocoa powder
    3 tablespoons powdered peanut butter
    pinch o’ salt
    1 tsp xylitol or sugar
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1 stevia packet or 1 more tablespoon sugar
    2 tsp coconut oil
    3 tablespoons milk of choice
    1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
    Combine dry ingredients and mix well. Add liquid, stir, then transfer to a ramekin, or coffee mug. Microwave 1 minute 25 seconds (time may vary, depending on your microwave’s wattage). Be sure to spray your dish first so it doesn’t stick!

  10. Carolsue says:

    I found this recipe which is a perfect snack for my kids:
    2 Large Apples
    4 TB Peanut Butter
    1 TB of honey
    Shredded Coconut
    Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chips
    Thinly slices your apples and lay them on a dish. Mix together peanut butter & honey until it reaches a drizzle type consistency by putting it in the microwave for a few seconds. Add more of each if necessary. Drizzle on top of your apples. Add toppings.

  11. Jordan Dunne (@j_mosh) says:

    I would mix Pure PB with vanilla protein powder and a little almond milk to make a sweet peanut butter protein frosting. Easy peasy!

    I’d also love to try making low-sugar peanut butter cups. Someone posted a recipe for peanut butter cups here and it sounds yummy!

  12. Adrian Garcia says:

    Protein PB Cheesecake

    12 Ounces Fat Free Cream Cheese
    12 Ounces Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt
    4 egg whites
    3/4 cup powdered peanut butter
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1.5 Scoops Casein Protein (vanilla or PB flavored)
    Liquid sweetener to taste
    1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
    1/2 tbsp xanthan gum

    1 cup fiber 1 or allbran ground to powder
    1/2 cup fibersol LQ
    2 egg whites

    Mix crust ingredients together. Coat nonstick shallow cake pan with butter or nonstick spray. Push down crust mix into it, making lips on the sides. It may have to be a thick crust since it’s not very easy to work with -this is OK!

    Preheat oven to 325°F.

    Mix filling ingredients with beater until homogeneous. Pour filling into pan.
    Bake on 325°F/162°C for 30:00-32:00. Turn your oven down to 200°F/93°C and bake for another 50:00-60:00. Let cool in the fridge for a few hours.

  13. kbedeshko says:

    No Bake PB and Banana Oat Energy Bars
    -1 Cup Quick Oats
    -1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
    -1 Extra Ripe Banana
    -1 Packet Truvia/Stevia
    -Four Tbsp Organic Powdered Peanut Butter

    Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and keep stirring until it forms into a “dough”
    Form the tbsp of batter into a mini bar shape. Add some optional “PB drizzle” (Powdered PB mixed with Greek yogurt) or some chocolate chips, sprinkles or raisins on top. Refrigerate to set and enjoy!

  14. Carly Jor says:

    low calorie peanut butter hot cocoa
    1 cup almond milk
    two tablespoons low sugar cocoa mix
    one tablespoon powdered peanut butter
    Warm almond milk in the microwave in 30 second intervals
    start with pouring a tablespoon of hot almond milk on top of the cocoa mix and powdered peanut butter, combine until its a thick paste, and gradually add and stir the rest of the almond milk.

    Enjoy 🙂

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